Join over a thousand attendees coming from all over the the United States (and beyond) to gather in the Southern California desert for a five-day post-apocalyptic festival.  Set up camp at our wasteland compound, surrounded by specially-built sets.  Costumes are required and post-apocalyptic campsites and vehicles are encouraged.  Live for four days in a world pulled straight out of the Mad Max movies and other post-apocalyptic films and games, beyond the grip of so-called civilization.

Top DJs and bands from all over will provide the soundtrack, fire dancers and bonfires will light up the night, and modified vehicles will shake the earth with their engines. Don’t miss it!

This is an ADULTS ONLY event.

  • Live bands and top DJs from California, Nevada, Arizona and beyond
  • Combat and stunt performers
  • Fire dancers, wasteland burlesque, post-apocalyptic-style sideshow and circus acts and more
  • An armada of post-apocalyptic vehicles driven in from all over the country
  • Wasteland merchants vending their wares and services in “Bartertown”
  • Jugger – The post-apocalyptic bloodsport of the future
  • Vehicle cruises
  • Themed games, contests, and activities

The event will be held in a fenced-off area in the open desert. Security, portable toilets, and sinks will be provided.

All details are subject to change without notice. Be sure to check back later on this site for more entertainment details.

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Please see our “F.A.Q.s” for more information.

Need to reach us?  Send a note to:  wastelandweekend@gmail.com