No one is sure how many years have passed since the world experienced a nuclear apocalypse. Every year, the survivors gather in the wastelands and put on a festival to celebrate another year of beating the odds. It is a time of revelry, trading, music and ceremony. It is Wasteland Weekend.

Wasteland Weekend’s theme is primarily based on the world of the Mad Max films, a vehicular-centric series of films set in the deserts of a post-nuclear future, featuring customized vehicles, and make-shift costumes and weapons.

In this expanded Mad Max universe, there is room for many of the elements of other post-apocalyptic fiction, including the Fallout video game series, Wasteland 2, and Borderlands, and films like The Book of Eli, The Road, and The Blood of Heroes. Playing a game of Jugger in your vault suit is totally acceptable at Wasteland Weekend.

General Rules of the Theme:

1. Wasteland Weekend steers away from the futuristic / science fiction-based apocalyptic scenarios (alien invasions, robot uprisings, etc). In our version of the apocalypse, the technology that is available to you is only what is common and readily available TODAY. For example, laser guns, powered exoskeletons, cyborgs, zombies, and high-tech robots are all things that are not common or readily available today. PIP-boys (forearm-mounted computers from the Fallout series) are welcome.

2. It has been years since a nuclear apocalypse. Your costumes (and themed camps and vehicles) should reflect that. Nothing should look clean or new. Re-purposing is key (sports equipment re-purposed as armor, military or motorcycle gear used as everyday personal equipment, etc). For more costume tips, see our costuming guide.

Wasteland Weekend is about creating a cohesive, immersive illusion that we can all build together and live in for a few days. Yes, it’s a slightly Hollywood-ized “fun” version of the apocalypse, but it is also meant to be reality-based. Use our rules and guidelines, as well as your best judgment as to whether or not what you have planned for your costume or camp will “pull people out” of the illusion we’re trying to create.

Wasteland Weekend takes place is the broken world of tomorrow. Wasteland Weekend is all about the innovation and mind-blowing creativity involved in re-purposing junk and found items, and the DIY attitude. It’s re-purposed tires, and found object art. It’s the art of distressing and weathering, and the beauty we see in rust, dust, and decay.