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    Hi fellow Wastelanders! Wanted to pop on here and share my tribe. We applied for Tribe status a few weeks ago and I just haven’t gotten around to posting about it.

    Also just saw the Sideshow Tribe. Looks like we’re not the only circus in town, huh? I’m excited to see their take on it.

    On to the Back Story :
    The year was 1957, the USSR finally invaded their money loving hippie enemy number one, the United States of America. The Soviet War Machine was unstoppable, rolling across the country from the west coast to the east. Small pockets of a disorganized military and resistance finally got their act together and threw off the vodka swilling invaders. But not before the bombs dropped and rockets flew. The USSR, much of Europe and all of the Americas was a wasteland in an instant. The night the bombs dropped, a Russian Traveling Circus took in some escaped political prisoners from the Soviet Mobile Gulag. They banded together and now, many years and several generations later the Atomic Gulag Radiation Circus travels the land entertaining and scavenging.

    We are actually a group of performers based out of Arizona. This is the first Wasteland Weekend for all of us and we are super excited to be able to jump in with both feet with out a backwards glance. We have a themed camp planned and all sorts of other goodies. Maybe next year we will actually perform…

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    My character’s theme is soviet aswell! This sounds awesome!

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    wow sounds great, gonna love to see your camp!

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    Looking forward to seeing this tribe come to fruition!-

    I had considered a carnival more so than a circus as in the type that might rumble around at the end of the 1920-1930’s.

    I was thinking about the form and function of the camp/tribe…if possible a jugger team for sure, a snake oil salesman, a soup kitchen (intended for the carnies but open to the GP of course :) ), a few (rigged hahaahaha) games of chance with post apoc appropriate prizes, the side show, a bicycle driven generator, an auctioneer perhaps (canned/dried food, post apoc items, slaves, etc.).

    Still working out the kinks…but I am thinking to not lay down a heavy background but leave it fairly loose…a collection of misfits and outcasts bonded together through the effort to survive and thrive.

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