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    The DXC began humbly many years ago with two people struggling to etch out an existence in the harsh landscape. They are known only as Cowboy and the Lady. Working together they built up a sizable reputation for ruthless efficiency as they performed odd jobs of labor and violence.

    Cowboy has no memory of life before everything crumbled. His first awareness is that of a slave with no name, forced to work in harsh conditions by day and provide entertainment to his masters at night through violent and bloody conflict with other slaves. He was eventually able to free himself, killing his owner in the process. He wandered alone as a feral savage for a time before finding The Lady.

    Lady had an unusual upbringing for our time. She was sheltered from the global disaster and educated as if she were royalty. She had little knowledge of the desolate outside world until her home was sieged by a tribe of scavengers. She managed to escape but with no skills to cope she struggled to survive. Fortunately she found the man she would name Cowboy and together they found trust and strength.

    They worked hard to build up their resources and once they acquired a vehicle they were able to expand their territory of business, mostly moving people and special packages through deadly terrain. As demand grew so too did the opposition and after one job left both of them nearly dead it was clear help was needed.

    The first was the young healer who grew up in the aftermath with her medically trained parents. She was nicknamed “BandAid” early in life by the hospital tent patients whom she’d try to cheer up. She worked alongside her parents for many years until the camp was raided by marauders and her parents killed. All alone, BandAid, set out to do her best to help the sick. She traveled by foot from barrack, to hovel, to fort trading medical care for food, clothing, and the occasional lift to her next destination. It was during this time that she came across the Cowboy and the Lady and they suggested a permanent partnership.

    Tandy, the fixer, was a young child when the bombs dropped. Her only memory before the apocalypse was laughing and fixing a car with her father. Her parents perished in the great fires and Tandy was left to fend for herself. She would hole up in abandoned homes for the night and fight the rats for bits of food while fending off potential aggressors. As she grew older she found that she found that she had a knack for “fixing” things and jury rigging alarms and traps to keep her safe. She found Cowboy and the Lady by literally walking right into their vehicle while blinded during a storm. After being treated for her injuries with no required payment, Tandy offered to help with some simple repairs in return and simply never left. Even though she was still unsure of this new group, they made her laugh, something she hadn’t done in a very long time.

    For added firepower the group enlisted a rough but experienced weapons expert named “Fenris” MacVey. He is an ex-soldier that stayed with the surviving members of his pre-war unit until they were overrun by cannibals. With Fenris the only survivor, he wandered the wasteland, picking up odd jobs and merc missions along the way, using his extensive and diverse weapons and combat background to build a solid, if not ruthless, reputation. Eventually he came across the newly formed Dauntless Xpress Corp and signed up for a long term contract.

    The final two members of DXC are perhaps the most mysterious. Humzila and Smoke, as they are known, are both talented survivalists with a penchant towards justice and righting the wrongs of the world where they can. Humzila was a weapons and survival skills instructor before the fall and is a master huntsman. Smoke was a fire and arson investigator while also an expert in firearms and other weapons. They were desert wasteland wanderers dispatching the wicked and assisting innocent travelers with security and repairs when it suited them. Most recently they lost their vehicle defending a group of pilgrims who were looking for what remains of the city of angels. Shortly after, they found this group that wanted to bring commerce back to the wasteland and decided to merge skills… though at times they still disappear back into the waste for days at a time always returning exactly when they are needed.

    If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire… Dauntless Xpress Corp.

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    legit. =]

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    Double Derringer’s are WAY better than chocolate !


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    So I saw the tribe list posted on FB and DXC was not on it. I commented as such and the powers that be said they’d never received any word about our tribe and suggested I submit using the form on the tribes page. This suggestions is all well and good except that I did… a month ago. In fact I made sure we were submitted before I made this thread. So – whom do I contact to find out if we are official or not and do I need to resubmit?

    I can’t find it now but I had a short email conversation with someone saying that the official tribe responses were going to be delayed – specifically the site updates – but we were good to go. I’m still looking for that conversation in email but I know I didn’t make it up. Who is the tribe coordinator?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Would be tragic for DXC not to be granted tribe status.
    We are 9 strong, fully themed including a shade area designed to have visitors to our encampment.
    Having followed all the rules for application and posting, we have much effort and funds expended for the themed enampment based on the WW response that while there might be expected delays, tribe status was mostly a fotmality if we followed the rules.
    WW admin — we need help!!!
    Dauntless eXpress Corp.

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    We’ll get there..

    Admin is just saving the best for last. :-)

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    I would absolutely not worry about this at this point. Last year I think we were put on the website like two days before the event as an official tribe.

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    I agree – it’s not like we’re trying to sneak in at the last second. The project manager in me, however, hates loose ends and anything that might affect the “critical path”.

    At this point Karol, the event coordinator, responded to me directly and I think we’ve got it all worked out. I understand she doesn’t read the forums much (I’m assuming ‘she’) but I’d like to extend public thanks all the same for a quick response and resolution to our tiny crisis.

    Hip Hip…

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    Karol is quite male. Not that I’ve pulled his pants down and checked, but I’m preeetty sure :D

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    Apologies then – one can never be sure with names and I’ve never met him.

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    eastern European spelling of Carl…

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    Hum, reading this I’m concluding you did get your issue resolved acceptably?

    And yes, I’ve seen Karol in person, and he is, indeed, a HE. I made the same mistake last year going off spelling alone. Whoopsie.

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    Yes, cowboy got it resolved.
    Thx for keeping tabs on us.
    Now i have someplace to string my barbed wire.

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    lol, Cowboy I didn’t know you were being corrected on here too. Also, thank you everyone for the encouragement and keeping tabs on us.

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    Thanks to everyone involved for getting DXC on the ‘Officially Official’ Tribes List ! We’re really real now !

    I totally went *SQEE* when I saw it posted. Much appreciated, we know ya’ll are super busy this close to the date.

    And I must say again here that I have been completely blown away by our tribe. We’re all new friends, and yet everyone has come together like a real tribe to make this work, make everything & everyone look authentic, and make sure everyone’s individual needs are met so we can all have a damn good time ! I can’t say how enough about how hard they have all worked together, and as individuals. A truly stellar group o’ folks !

    So, more Hip Hip !


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    Here is some LOOOONG overdue backstory to a couple of special tribe mates of mine. Enjoy!

    Mutt and Ghost came from out east. Mutt, being the only member of his family to survive “the end” as it were, other than his family’s faithful canine and was taken in by an east cost tribe known as the Strays at a young age. Being pretty much raised by them in a pack mentality, giving up his old name in favor of a new one for this new world. Mutt. During his time with the strays, he spent most of his days tinkering with vehicles and honing his driving skills. Eventually meeting a skilled hunter and scavenger sometime in his early teens who went by the name of Ghost, his history is a bit of a mystery. Not being one for divulging his past more than having spent most his life as a wanderer, living off what the tattered land had to offer.

    Upon the death of Mutt’s canine friend they decided to head west in search of something new. Tired of the industrial landscape. Mutt left his tribe behind and Ghost packed the little possessions he had up and they set out to a new life in the Mojave wasteland in their beat up Jeep. Making a living scavenging and looting supplies from other wastelanders camps in the night. Which is how they met the Dauntless express corp, or at least how the dXc met them. The pair having hit the dXc camp site several times over the course of a few months before coming across a stash of alcohol, resulting in Cowboy finding the two passed out in a ditch about halfway between their campsites and the Dauntless camp. Opting to give them a temporary enlistment in the dXc to work off their debt rather than just kill them outright. The two quickly found a place in the group, Ghost’s hunting skills helping bring in a constant fresh supply of food and Mutt’s skills behind the wheel of his nearly indestructible vehicle proving their worth. When their debt had been payed back and they were free to go, the pair cut a deal with Cowboy and signed contract for long term membership with the Dauntless eXpress Corp where they have been ever since. Mutt adopting the group as his new “pack” and Ghost happy to finally find his niche somewhere.

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    :D :D :D

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    Nice to have your back story aboard.

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