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    I will tell you of the remnants of the brigade, but with the knowing comes a burden. You will carry the weight of my people, and all people beyond the great lizard which guards the mcdonald sky-bows, past the black line of the 10.

    We are the people of 1887 Fort Huachuca. Our honored ancestors showed the great birds how to take prey from the sky, and brought peace through superior fire power to the land. Our greatest elders were masters of the signal. They could whisper on the wind across the big empty and warn other tribes of the enemy.

    Our people were still strong after the massive retaliation. We survived the long winter and our elders kept the signal alive. We survived the old enemy and won.

    The man who led us to victory we only know as the Colonel. He burned our enemies from the earth and gave us the fire in our hearts that kept us alive when everyone else was busy dying.

    Then on the signal came word that the Colonel and our tribe were to convoy to a great gathering. The brigade was lead off into the big empty to meet with other great tribes. The Colonel ordered our elders to guard the fort and keep the watch until the brigade returned. This was the beginning of the quiet time.

    For years those left behind guarded the fort and listened for any word from the brigade on the signal, but without the Colonel to watch over us we were vunerable. The quiet times ended with massive destruction.

    A great fire came from the south, our intel now tells us that it was started by enemy scouts who feared our might. The firestorm raged for weeks and burned most of the fort and surrounding town. The elders fought to save the signal, but it was lost.

    The knowing of our past was saved however, and we still stand watch over the museum as it is our hope that it will please the Colonel and he will forgive our failure.

    With the loss of the fort came the hard times. Our people found a smaller tribe nearby that kept to the river and grew crops. We taught them about the Colonel but they listened to an elder named Joseph and had their own ways. We traded meat of the great birds for their knowing of the tasty corn plant. Through hard work we fought to make a new life on the river. The hard years were eventually beaten and our numbers slowly grew. The peace would not last long however.

    The blood times came upon us swiftly. Our tribe came into contact with scouts of another tribe from the south. A great combat occured and we were victorious. We sent our own scouts to recon the strength of this new tribe in retaliation.

    We found that their numbers are vast, and their stomachs hungry. They command the great land beasts of the past, made of steel and spitting black smoke into the air as they make their warcry. And they are coming to end the legacy of the brigade and all of the northern tribes. Their greed and hunger knows no end.

    We are sworn to stop them, but our numbers are few and we have lost many soldiers already. I am telling you this in hopes that you will join our hunt for the brigade. If you come across the Colonel in your travels you must give him the signal, tell him that his people still stand the watch. We need his lightning and fire to burn the enemy from the earth again. Not just for my people, but all of the northern tribes.

    If you are strong, I would gladly offer you the benefit of sweet corn and meat from the great bird to keep your belly full. I can also escort you to our recruiter who will swear you into our ranks upon the runes of the holy ASVAB after filling your head with the tradition of great promises.

    -Around a campfire in the wastes with a brigade scout named General Electric.

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    Reserved for future use.

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    Reserved for future use.

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    I dig General Electric’s storytelling style! Its mysterious references stir the gumbo of fragmented memories and tales of old and not-so-old.

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    Nice. Where is the tribe from?

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    Sierra Vista, AZ for the most part, but we do have people elsewhere and are an open tribe. So anyone who wants to join in the fun is more than welcome.

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    very nice

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    The reference to direction with a starting location give a better idead of what things might be.

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    He mentioned Fort Huachuca, which you can find easily enough on Google maps. South of that is pretty much Mexico.

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