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    This is a little long winded, but we are suckers for a back story.

    Who doesn’t love a good carnival? The sights, the smells, the games, and the food, it usually takes you back to your childhood. Your parents would take you to the grounds, fill your hands with tickets, and you could be free. You could touch the sky on the Ferris wheel, crush your siblings in the bumper cars, or just stuff your face with cotton candy. It was there that you could be a kid again.

    But the traveling life was not for most folks. It takes a different kind of person to always be on the move, never having a home. It was a hard life, always traveling, never knowing where your next meal was going to come from, or where you were going to end up. So it is no surprise that our life would be filled with runaways or people that life had just plum forgot about. But the lifestyle that we chose came to be our savior. When you’re used to living away from the rest of the world it becomes easy to avoid the cities. After the bombs fell to the south and civilization turned to chaos, we just went on like we always had, and stuck together like a family. As the world decayed, so did its view on us, and the life we had chosen. Before the end, we were idolized and welcomed with open arms into every town. But now, like our ancestors in the business, we’re considered oddities, and were cast out and feared where ever we went.

    Over the years our family dwindled down. Some survivors we met would make you rethink the way you lived, and more than a few of them changed their minds, and claimed a spot of land to call their own. Most of our family was claimed by disease or age; some just lost the will to go on and found their own way out.

    But like the runaways of old, others would see our life as an escape and would join us on our never ending trek across the wasteland. You got used to the new faces appearing, and old ones leaving as we traveled from town to town. After a few years we decided that it was our time to leave the carnival, we grew tired of the dictatorship put in place by the man that tried to control the group, and treat us like his personal property. Democracy was only a dream at this point, but we could have the next best thing.

    Together a handful of us broke away and became our own little family. Our nomadic lifestyle made it easy for us to settle in one place for a time before packing up and moving on. Of course when we had nothing to trade we learned to entertain or take on side jobs to keep ourselves supplied.

    When you live in paint and play a character for so long it becomes a hard habit to break. Although we’ve adapted our skills to suit our new life, it’s hard to not behave or act in the way your life was at one point, especially a life you loved so much. And of course it makes it really hard not to show off when you have a fresh audience.

    Of course living in the world we live in, everyone has their place and their role. We may not have a true leader but we are tightly bound together.

    Our family representative is Hackett. He is the one to talk to if you have any jobs that need doing, or have any services that need rendering. But be warned, and don’t let the painted smile fool you. He may talk a little gibberish here and there, but his words are the family’s words, and are not to be taken lightly. He has been known to shove a gun in your face or knife to your throat if something goes south, and always has a weapon on hand. It is best to tread with caution around him; he can be a little jittery.

    In the old life he was a clown, always causing mischief and looking for laughs, but in The Side Show he’s the ring master of sorts. He was always known for being larger than life itself, and a bit on the strange side, but those are the kind of people that the circus life attracts. It was only natural that he would become the voice of The Sideshow, I mean, when you’re that loud how can you not. Years of roaming the wasteland, losing family, and a little human flesh here and there, have caused him to become more than a little twisted. But you will never catch him without a smile on his face; he paints it on every morning, his personal war paint.

    Chuklz is our weapons and security specialist. He’s always a few feet ahead or behind, ready to protect the group or himself as needed.

    Like Hackett, Chuklz was part of the clown duo. He was always a little off, a little paranoid, a little quiet, and a little too smart. Course when you live your life as a clown you need to be a little strange. Now his paint is used to intimidate. When you don’t see something on a regular basis in the Wasteland and it’s able to sneak up on you, it’s bound to frighten anyone a little bit. Being quiet and cautious is a necessity in the Wasteland, but throw in a little bit of non-physical intimidation and you can throw your target off balance without lifting a finger. It’s a big help getting you get what you want pretty easily.

    Lauren is our resident hunter and gatherer; she keeps us fed and healthy. Whether it’s bringing in water, canned goods or the occasional wild game, she gets what we need by almost any means necessary. On our regular trading routes she’s been nick named Hunter, a name which is fine by her.

    Lauren’s skills had to adapt the most. In the circus she worked with the animals, took care of them, fed them, cleaned them, kept them healthy and performed with them. Seeing her animals hurt was the one thing about her job she despised, but when you are more at ease around animals then people, you accept the good with the bad. When the world ended and she was forced to either kill off the starving animals or release them to their instincts, she also had to learn that fresh meat meant life or death, and Spam while a good substitute in a pinch was not meat. So she had to use her quiet nature to move swiftly and quietly through the woods of their home in the North to not startle her game. Like the others she traded in her costumes for clothes that she could blend with the surroundings, but around other groups of people it’s hard not to show off and play a little dress up from time to time.

    Our final member Mark is who keeps us moving. His skills, while handy in the pre-war world, are invaluable in the Wasteland. When it’s your job to fix a generator and patch up the equipment, keeping a car running and your shelter from leaking is an easy job.

    Mark was the all-around fix it man, sometimes coming up with new props and toys for the performers to use. It’s his ability that keeps our van running strong, our equipment in good condition and keeps us from needing to trade too much. On top of maintaining the equipment he plays referee when the group is up in arms, often being the logical voice we need to make a decision. His other task is chronicling where we’ve been and the people we’ve met through photographs, maps and journals that Lauren helps him to maintain.

    The freaks and the oddities are always welcome and never turned away if they have something to contribute to the family. Where The Sideshow goes, entertainment, mystery and little bit of chaos is bound to follow.

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    Nicely done!
    I wish we were driving this year; would make for a fun convoy.

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    Thnx mate!

    Driving was our only option, so we can have all our stuff, but sadly we won’t be able to have an all out themed site.

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    In addition to the cargo advantage, it’s a hell of a nice drive. We just don’t have the time this year.

    And yeah it’s hard to go all out when you have to cross an international border with all the gear haha.

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    We can not wait to get to the border and explain the thing we are going to, and why we have fake weapons and burnt clothing in the van.

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    Remeber that once you get to California, all prop weapons have to be hidden from sight while driving! If another motorist sees them, or a cop does, you WILL be stopped and they WILL be confiscated. You can have them in the car, but it’s a misdemeanor to “display” them in public.

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    We’re going to have everything packed away in container that will be out of public eye, plus our van isn’t easy to see into thankfully.

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    Only two things scare me and one of them is nuclear war.

    What’s the other?

    Excuse me?

    What’s the other thing that scares you?

    Carnies. Circus folk. Nomads, you know. Smell like cabbage. Small hands.

    Carnies of the Wasteland!

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    Tell the border people you’re going to a sci fi event right at the start. Then if they find and question the gear, it’s easy to explain that it’s costumes and props for the event. We had a closer inspection for contraband fruit entering California than we got at either the US border or crossing the Hoover Dam. Although Swede’s got a good point, and having weapons still bolted to the car after WW is a no-no :D

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    I love this. Great work.

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    We are going to be totally up front with the USA border guards about all of it, so them that it is nerf blasters and toy things. We are not even going to try airsoft guns, all toys and plastic. That way we have a better chance getting it across, and if we lose it, meh, it’s toys.

    Then we decorate the van AFTER the border crossing with washable paint and such :)

    Having toy guns and knives will hurt our costumes, but will make the crossing so much easier.

    and thanks for the compliments :) I will be posting costume pics soon

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    What about shipping that stuff ahead to someone on this side? Would that work?

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    I’ve thought about renting a po box, or shipping to a friend in Cali, but the shipping price is to high, because it crosses the border.

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    Yeah, we looked into that too, expensive especially since WW props tend to be… heavy :D

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    You don’t have to HIDE prop weapons, you have to cover them so they’re not displayed. A tarp or movers blanket over them is fine. They are not illegal to possess or transport anywhere between CA and the other CA afaik so you should be absolutely fine :)

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    Don’t guess.

    Email the border facility you will be traveling through, provide pics, and an inventory list.

    They will tell you exactly what your options are.

    Tell them that it is for a movie…you are going down to be involved with an on location filming day.


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    We’re going to be honest and tell them that we’re going to a costume themed event and have our email confirmations printed. If you tell them we’re part of a movie they sometimes will ask for permits or for information they can track down. We’re not spending a lot of money on our props so that if they’re taken from us it’s not a huge financial loss. We also discussed that if we needed to do any painting on them to only paint part of them to show that they are indeed toy weapons and then finish them off when we get a chance to stop for the night.

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    Dollar store toy guns FTW!!

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    You guys been to Ribtor yet?

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    Is Ribtor worth it? I was going to check it out a couple weeks ago and was told not to bother!

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    It’s worth it just for the sheer WTFery of it all, but it’s also a good WW costuming/gear resource for random milsurp bits and bobs, gasmasks, and camping supplies that aren’t shiny and new.

    Me and Mrs Chaos are going to head up there sometime this week probably to see what’s new.

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    Me and Chuklz (my clown bro) have been there a few times. We got some ammo cases and bags n stuff. Hunter we can go when we go to VV as well if u want to, kids are leaving tomorrow or Sunday… I’ll probably have texted u before u read this.

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    ya we need to start buckling down and tackling the big stuff
    Plus I need to go get a couple little things from crown and western supply

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