Event Layout 2016

New camping zones have been added for 2016, expanding theme-optional areas where Wastelanders with like-minded views, designs, and costumes can come together.

Totally into the post-nuclear vision of apocalypse? Want to camp with similar styled Wastelanders? Now is your chance! Fresh out of a vault, or roaming the Mojave in Fallout style? There’s a new settlement just for you. Whether you are part of an organized tribe, or just costumed out for the viral apocalypse, there’s a gathering of Wastelanders out there to unite with.

Wasteland City is the hub for barter/trade, operations, entertainment, and home to a select few elite tribes. Wasteland City is 100% themed. Placement within the city is determined ahead of time through tribe/vendor applications. Those groups with a proven history of bringing something special to the event will have the chance reserve their spot inside the gates. Reserved camping for fully themed camps extends out beyond the walls of Wasteland City.

On the outskirts of Wasteland City is the great gathering of tribes. While all of Wasteland is on shaky neutral ground, similar themed camps can band together in loosely designated zones. Theme camping is suggested, but not required. Camping is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The map is a rough layout for Wasteland 2016. Like everything in the post-apocalyptic future, there’s bound to be some chaos involved, and no plan ever survives contact with cannibals, marauders, or mutants. Expect to see revisions during the countdown to Wasteland 2016, but for now, get planning!

WW2016 Event Map rev-9-12-16


(Printable Layout Map and Legend here.)

Wasteland 2016 Camping Zones


Sanctuary (NEW)

Just stretching your legs outside of a vault, or recruiting a gang of die-hard Wasteland raiders? This Fallout themed camping zone is the place for you! Please read through the (Theme Guidelines) before going too sci-fi. No Power suits, energy weapons, robots, and the like, that don’t fit into the Wasteland aesthetic. There are many elements of the Fallout world that certainly do fit. Gather with other Fallout fans in this loosely organized camping zone. There’s always another settlement out there that needs your help.

(Open Camping, Fallout Themed, Moderately Enforced)

Old Town

Well versed in desert survival, this loose gathering of tribes knows how to raid fast, party hard, and live to tell about it. The last bastion of sin and vice in the Wastelands. Be warned. Late nights, and lots of noise.

(Open Camping, Non-Theme Specific)

RV Blockade

Traversing the wastes in a house on wheels is neither fast nor glamorous, but it’s definitely a way to live in style. Safety in numbers to keep the marauders at bay.

(RV Camping, Non-Theme Specific)

Silent Death

Step lightly, and be very very quiet. Some of the most vicious denizens of Wasteland dwell here. Best to respect them. Violators will be fed to the cannibals.

(Open Camping, Quiet Zone, Non-Theme Specific)

Tent City

Not everyone is prepared to haul tons of steel, wood, and tires into the Wasteland and build a city. For apocalypse survivors that barely made it out alive, or could only scrounge up a sleeping bag and a tent, there’s still a home at Wasteland.

(Open Camping, Non-Theme Specific)

The Redoubt

Military units were the last hold-outs following orders and discipline, but it was only a matter of time before survival became the only order left. Some have just now climbed out of their bunkers, some have been trying to maintain order, while others have long gone rogue and banded together to survive.

(Open Camping, Ex-Military Theme)

Nuclear Winter

The mushroom clouds on the horizon may have long since risen to the sky and left their blackened footprints where cities once stood, but the legacy of a radioactive Wasteland remains. Survivors of the nuclear apocalypse band together in the shadow of the Temple of Nuke, some as guardians, others for their own reasons. Rumor has it a few have begun a new religion, acting as monks and holy protectors of the sacred bomb.

(Open Camping, Nuclear Survivors Theme)

The Buzzard Patch

Venture into the wilds and test your strength against the elements. Those entering the Buzzard Patch should be prepared to face survivors of the Fury Road, carving out their niche in the rough terrain. RVs and Trailers are not recommended. Trespassers welcome.

(Open Camping, Non-Theme Specific)