Private Porto Rentals


As announced earlier in the year, there are significant changes to how we’ll be handling private porto rentals moving forward.  These changes came about due to a few issues making the previous rental program untenable.  Those issues will be explained below.  Please read through this page fully and make sure you understand the new process before contacting staff about rentals.

Who can rent a private unit?

For 2017, private porto rentals will be made available only to approved fully themed tribes placed within the walls of Wasteland City.  

Approved Theme Zone tribes placed outside the City gates and all other tribes/groups/individuals camping outside the Theme Zone will, unfortunately, not have the option to rent a private unit this year.

Our tribe was approved for Theme Zone.  How do we know if we are inside or outside the City?

If your tribe was placed inside the City, the contact on your tribe’s Theme Zone application will receive an email from River with further info on how to set up a rental.  This email will go out shortly after the City layout is locked in.

This is a preliminary layout showing the Theme Zone.  The area shaded in green is within the City walls.  If your tribe is located in this zone, your tribe contact will get an email with private porto rental information once the layout is finalized.

(This is a preliminary layout and will likely be adjusted.  For the purposes of private porto rentals, in-City location should remain the same.)

How many units can a City-placed tribe rent?

The number of units your approved City tribe will be able to rent will be indicated in the porto rental info email sent to the tribe contact from their Theme Zone application. Most tribes will only be able to rent one unit.  A few exceptions will be made for City tribes with unusually large numbers.

Where will the private units be placed?

Another change for this year – private banks will be placed in separate groups from public units.  This is to make servicing easier for our techs, and also to help reduce frustration for attendees looking for an unlocked unit.  These private groups will be placed inside City blocks for the convenience and privacy of those tribes renting a unit.  Public units will be in their own large, very visible and accessible groups.

Can tribes move a unit to their camp space?

No.  All portos must remain in the porto banks where they were installed.  This is for several reasons.  The units are installed in a way to maximize stability in gusts of wind.  Moving them undoes this and makes them very likely to fall over.  Moving them tends to damage the underside of the units, and often leads to tipping and spills as we saw last year.  The techs don’t have time to hunt down a bunch of single units in random, unmarked locations for cleaning and restocking.

We’ll just move our unit to our camp space like we did last year.  No one will know.

We will know.  Anyone caught moving any porto unit or having a unit in their camp will receive severe repercussions, including (but not limited to) non-reimbursed forfeit of their unit, negative consequences on future Theme Zone applications and Volunteer opportunities, and possibly immediate expulsion from the event.  Don’t.

Can we rent an ADA unit?

No.  We will only have standard units available for private rental.  Public ADA units will be available in many accessible locations to all attendees.  

Additionally, ADA units are not manufactured to be lockable.  Retrofitting them to lock as a private unit in previous years was excessively problematic and is no longer an option to us.

How do we rent a regular private porto?

An email with information will be sent to the tribe contact for approved Theme Zone tribes placed inside the City.  That email will include the number of units available to rent, and a link to place the order.  These emails will go out once the Theme Zone map has been finalized.

Do we still do the tribe sign and key stuff like last year?

Absolutely.  That process will be the same as last year.  Details about the sign requirements, sign placement, lock, and service key handoff will all be in the email sent to the City tribe contact.

We have friends camped outside the City that want to be able to use our private unit.  Is that okay?

Totally okay.  Who you give copies of your porto key to is your business.  Just remember that the person placing the rental order is responsible for the condition of the unit, so overloading your rental with 45 of your closest friends is not going to end well for you.  Plan your kindness accordingly.

But we really want our own unit. We’ll just bring a lock and put it on a public unit like we did last year.  No one will know.

We will know.  Since private and public porto groups will be separated this year, there will be no such thing as secret locks.  

This happened in disappointing numbers last year.  It reduced the number of public units available, which overtaxed the remaining public units.  It wasted far too much staff time.  And this ended up being one of the biggest reasons we were forced to change the private rental program moving forward.

If we find a lock on a public unit, it will be cut.  If we catch someone locking or using a locked public unit, they will be immediately removed from the event.  If we find a lock on a public unit, we may even stake it out and make an example of the locker, because people like this are who ruined it for everyone and led to changes this year.

But we need more than the number of units offered to our tribe contact.

Unfortunately, we have a hard limit on stock and space to offer for rental.  There will be a large number of public units available within a short walk of your location for your tribemembers to use in addition to the unit(s) you’ve rented.  We’ve greatly increased the number of public units overall for this year, as well as added an additional service day, which should make a very significant impact on availability and “freshness.”

We want six units, so we’ll just have six tribemembers rent one unit each.  HAH.

The process to rent a unit will only be given to the tribe contact for approved Theme Zone tribes in the City.  One order per tribe.  The ordering process is set up in a way to log and prevent any non-authorized orders, and attempts to charge a credit card will be automatically declined.  Unauthorized attempts to order a private rental will be obvious on our end and noted.   Clear attempts to abuse the ordering process will have consequences.  Do not taunt happy fun ball.

We’ll just have another company rent to us and have them deliver onsite. 

The only sanitation company authorized to bring a portapotty unit onsite is the one we’ve contracted to provide all units for the event.  This is for very specific liability, permitting, and insurance purposes.  Our contracted sanitation vendor will not create any separate contacts for our event location, and they enjoy telling us who tried.

Any other sanitation company trying to enter the event will be turned away, but not before we learn who placed the order.  Most other porto companies will have had their stock sub-let to ours to cover our overall unit counts , so finding one would probably be tough anyway.

Wow.  This all seems really harsh.  I don’t like this at all.

It is pretty harsh.  The rather drastic changes to the private porto rental program are a result of a few things.

The event has grown to a point where 2 – 3 people renting a unit became unsustainable for available stock numbers.  Last year we sold out in 12 hours, and the number of private units was so large that there were portos everywhere.  There’s no nice way to have hundreds of private units everywhere.

The other big factor was abuse last year.  We were inundated with scamming jerks putting locks on private units to fake a rental.  You can blame people like that for ruining a cool thing.

We really wanted a private porto, but we didn’t put in a Theme Zone application this year.

Realtalk for a moment:  Private porto rentals were slated to be killed completely this year, but a hard-won compromise was found with allowing City-only tribes to rent.  This gave us a new way to reward those tribes that truly went the extra mile bringing higher-level entertainment, activities, and theming to Wasteland Weekend.  Renting a private unit is very much a privilege.  As long as it goes well this year, we hope we can offer this privilege to the tribes that bring extra effort to the event for years to come.

Spend some time upping your tribe’s game this year, and apply for a Theme Zone City spot in 2018!  Rewards come to those who put in time making Wasteland the incredible space it is every year.