Unlike many other events, Wasteland Weekend does NOT charge a fee to vend. Each vendor simply buys an ordinary admission ticket. HOWEVER, you must get approval to be a vendor. This is so that we can ensure that the items you are planning to sell will be of interest to our attendees and can fit in somewhat with our overall post-apocalyptic theme.

Interested?  Here’s what you need to know.

What things can I vend?

Whatever fits into the dirty, end of civilization, post-apocalyptic Wasteland environment. Appropriately themed costume gear, camp supplies, adornments, prop weapons, and survival necessities are always popular. Better still if it serves a function and looks great doing it.

Goddammit, Adam!!

You’re cut off. Talk to Jen Harte.

Where will vendors be placed?

Vendors will be placed in Bartertown, which is inside the theme zone.  This means that all vendors are required to adhere to theme zone rules and expectations.  You can find detailed information on the theme zone here.

How big is the spot I’ll get?

The standard vendor spot is roughly 10′ x 30′.  Larger spots are very limited and only available upon approval.  You’ll need a good reason for wanting one.

When can I set up?

All approved vendors are required to set up on Wednesday.  No theme zone camp will be permitted to set up on Thursday, and this includes vendors.  If your vendor spot is not set up by Wednesday night, it will be forfeited and given to a vendor on the standby list.

Where do I camp?

You may set up your personal camp inside your vendor space as long as it meets the theme zone requirements.  If you do not have a themed personal camp, you must camp outside the theme zone instead.  

How many people can camp in the spot with me?

Up to four people may camp inside a vendor spot.  If you need more, you must request special permission ahead of time and have a good reason for it.  Otherwise, please instruct the rest of your friends to set up camp outside the theme zone boundaries.

Do I have to theme my entire camp?

Yes.  Every bit.  This includes your booth presentation, as well as any personal camping setup you have.  Bartertown is a themed attraction at Wasteland Weekend, so we only accept vendors who meet the theme zone requirements.

Blue tarps and uncovered u-hauls are NOT theme appropriate and will not be allowed inside the theme zone boundaries.

What about my car?

As with any vehicle in the theme zone, it must be a themed Wasteland vehicle to stay at your camp.  If it’s not theme-appropriate, you must leave it in a designated parking area or friends’ camp outside the theme zone boundaries.

Are there any licenses or permits I need to get?

Yes.  You will need to obtain a business license from the City Clerk’s office of California City.  The total cost of this license is $51, payable to the City Clerk via the city’s application process.  On the form, you’ll choose the $50 permit (Under $10,000 annual gross).  There is a $1 State fee added as well, for a total of $51.

Download the PDF here:   Business License Application 2016-2017

Or fill it out directly on California City’s website.  (If you do this, don’t forget to print/save a copy for your records while it is processed.)

You will be required to provide a copy of this license to our Vendor Coordinator no later than September 1.  No vendor will be allowed to sell merchandise at the event without it.

Isn’t a California Resale Certification  or Tax ID number or library card the same thing as a business license?  

No.  These are different documents from different agencies that serve different purposes.  To vend at Wasteland Weekend, you need a valid business license for 2016/2017 from the local City Clerk of California City.  What tax docs you file with the State of California is between you and the State, and you are responsible for reporting all applicable sales tax accordingly.  Our Vendor Coordinator will be asking for your Annual or Temporary CA Seller’s Permit to ensure yours is active. 

When is the deadline to apply?

July 31st.

When will I hear back on my application?

August 8th, if not sooner. Applications will be reviewed in the order they are submitted. Space is limited, so don’t wait until the last minute.

Are you a Food Vendor?

County Health says that anyone selling an item to be ingested at the event is considered a food vendor.  This includes ice and water.  The only exception is commercially pre-packaged, sealed food that is NOT opened (i.e. for samples) before sale.  There are extra steps needed from food vendors to ensure the safety of our attendees.

Food vendors will be required to:

  • Submit a Theme Zone application
  • Submit a separate Food Vendor application (coming soon)

After approval:

  • Obtain a business license from the California City’s City Clerk office
  • Obtain a Special Event Food Vendor permit from the Kern County Health Department
  • Provide copies of the business license and food permit to WW by Sept 1
  • Ensure that all required health code requirements (i.e. handwashing station) are understood and followed at the event

Separate Food Vendor application and County Health info packet coming shortly.

I have questions!

First, make sure your question wasn’t already addressed above.

If you have questions related to regular vending at Wasteland Weekend, please contact our Vendor Coordinator Jen Harte.

If you have questions related to food vending, please send a note to our Senior Event Manager, River Navarre.


(Food vendors, please wait for the separate app to be posted shortly.)