The Wastelanders Ball 2017

The first ever Wastelanders Ball was amazing!
Thank you to everyone who took part!

Check out the official highlight video!

Select shots from the photo booth:

The full gallery of photo booth images can be found on Wastelander Central, our official community group on Facebook.

And a gallery from Wasteland photographer Alex Stover aka Darkenship photography

Christine Shea Photography has a gallery up as well

Mistress Zelda from did a great recap article about the event

The Ball will return, larger and more post-apocalyptic in 2018!


Join us on February 25th for the first ever Wastelanders Ball!

Saturday, February 25th, 2017

8pm – 2am
The Steinhouse at Alpine Village in Torrance
833 W. Torrance Blvd. Torrance, CA 90502
Tickets: $25 SOLD OUT

Post-apocalyptic dress code will be enforced. Not sure what to wear? Costume tips are posted below, but just make a sincere effort and you should be fine. (No refunds).

photo by Jeff Vaillancourt – From Wasteland Weekend 2016

The Wastelanders Ball is SOLD OUT!

Even at the end of the world, there can be beautiful things. Join us for an unforgettable evening as we celebrate life after the end of so-called civilization. This is the time for the wretched multitudes to regain the pride and elegance they vaguely remember from the world before.

A charred old prom dress pulled from the ashes. A wedding gown lovingly saved in a bunker and now stitched together in new ways. A tuxedo made from the scraps a hundred old polyester suits. Wasteland couture created from military surplus. Warlords from Wasteland City in their finest robes of conquest. If you can dream it, you can create it. And then try to waltz in it.

Illustrious band ABNEY PARK will be flying in from Seattle to headline, and they will be joined by perennial Wasteland Weekend band AHTCK!

We’ll also be featuring a special performance by Wasteland’s premier belly dance showcase – Hell’s Sirens! Featuring returning Sirens Sherri Wheatley, Tracy Lynn, Saahirah Syn, and newest Siren, Merryl Jensen. Hell’s Sirens is looking forward to bringing their share of apocalyptic amazement to this epic evening!

In addition, we will be providing FREE DANCE LESSONS at the Wastelanders Ball!
Renowned dance teacher Rusty Frank will be leading a group dance lesson starting at 8:30pm at the ball.

photo by Ted Soqui for the Argonaut Newspaper

Wasteland’s own DJ Steph Infection will be spinning and providing background music throughout the night!

And keep an eye out for a Wasteland magician roving the crowd throughout the night with his signature close-up magic. That’s right, that sinister silent sorcerer… Sand Demon!
“Sand Demon isn’t a man. It’s an anomaly that lives in the Mojave desert, rising every so often to warp the line between reality and fiction. Between dancing it will wander The Wastelanders Ball performing magic that does not make any logical sense. If you are feeling courageous, approach it slowly, and ask for a card trick. It will be waiting for you.”

Sand Demon


The Ball sold out in a flash, but we do have some volunteer opportunities for those who don’t mind a little work with their play.

More info here!


The Wastelanders Ball is being held at a private venue that has their own rules, so please remember:
No nudity and NO WEAPONS (not even fake ones). After all, this is a formal ball, event the most bitter rival tribes will be declaring a truce. No weapons will be needed.

To get in to the ball, you MUST wear something appropriate. If you just show up in street clothes, you will NOT be allowed entry.
So what to wear?
Many of you will be familiar with the theme rules of Wasteland Weekend as far as what is allowed for costumes. But guess what?
The Ball is NOT Wasteland Weekend. The dress code for the ball is less restrictive.
Bright colors? Go for it. Something sci-fi inspired? Do it. All we ask are that you keep to TWO principles:
1. Make it somehow post-apocalyptic
2. Make it fancy or formal.

That’s it! The rest is up to you. This is our first ever Wastelanders Ball and we want to encourage as much creativity as possible. Show us what post-apocalyptic formal means to you. All we ask is that you make a sincere effort at the two principles listed above and you WILL be allowed in (provided you have a ticket, of course).
A gallery of some costume ideas is presented further down this page.

Here are some images from around the internet and from our very own Wasteland community that may give you some ideas and inspiration for what to wear.