2016 Tickets on Sale March 12

Tickets for Wasteland Weekend 2016 will go on sale on Saturday, March 12th, at 9am Pacific Time.
There will be a limited number of discounted early bird tickets available at $85. Once those are sold out, tickets will be available at their full price of $135.

Volunteer applications will open via our website as of Thursday, March 31. You will find detailed position info and the application on our Volunteer page once they are available:


Performer applications are being accepted as of right now:

A NOTE FOR THOSE ATTEMPTING TO GET EARLY BIRD TICKETS: We have hundreds of early bird discounted tickets available. However, we also expect to have hundreds of people logging on at exactly 9am to buy them, and each person is allowed to purchase up to 2 tickets per transaction. This means that we expect all of the DISCOUNTED tickets to be gone within seconds (regular price tickets should be available for days, even possibly months).
Also, the way the eventbrite system works, as soon as someone clicks “buy” on the ticket type they want, the tickets are put on hold for them and they have 10 minutes to complete their transaction.
When all available tickets are in pending transactions, the tickets will show “unavailable”. This is not technically the same as sold out, because if some buyers don’t go through with their purchase, close their browser before they are done, etc. some of those tickets could go back up for sale.
With the number of people expected to log on exactly at 9am, the tickets might show as “unavailable” almost immediately. But they are not technically sold out until it reads “sold out”.

Ticket, Volunteer, and Performer Application Mini-FAQ:

1. How many tickets are available? 
We don’t give out exact numbers, but we are capping our overall attendance this year at about 2,500 people (that includes ticket buyers, performers, vendors, etc.) which is about 500 more people than we had last year.


2. Will this event sell out?
Most likely, YES. We reached capacity last year about a day into the event, and though were are creating some more space this year, we are anticipating more interest than ever in the event.  We encourage you to buy your tickets early.


3. How many of the early bird discounted tickets are available? 
Hundreds. But guess what? We have over 1,000 people who are perennial attendees and KNOW they’ll be coming out every year. Those folks always log on and purchase as soon as tickets are available. So even with a lot of discount tickets, don’t be surprised to see them disappear within the first hour (or even faster).


4. I want to volunteer or perform. Do I need to buy a ticket? 
Yes and no. Volunteers usually DO earn free admission (for most positions).  That said, there is no way for us to guarantee you will be selected as one of our volunteers, and there is no way for us to confirm our entire volunteer army of hundreds of people before we start selling tickets. Therefore, the best advice is for you to buy a ticket early, and then we can refund it if you become a confirmed volunteer (you do NOT need to wait until after the event to get your ticket purchase refunded when you volunteer, with the exception of a few select volunteer jobs – and those will have that clearly stated in the description).


Most performers also earn a free ticket, but again, we are not able to complete that process before ticket sales, so unless you’re VERY confident that you’ll be earning your admission as a performer, we suggest you buy a ticket.


5. What happened to all the ticket tier prices from previous years?
We combined all of the lower-priced tiers into one early bird ticket and just made more of those available. Less confusion that way.


6. How many tickets will I be able to buy at once?
Early bird tickets will be available at TWO tickets per session until sold out.  Regular tickets will then be available at FIVE tickets per session.


7. Ticket prices went up?!
Yes. Our costs go up every year and so do our ticket prices. Some of our costs have gone up SIGNIFICANTLY in the last year or so. Raising ticket prices is to help ensure the event can continue to exist. Because, if we lose money, you lose Wasteland. Frankly, at $135 for an event that runs Thursday to Sunday and features all of the unique things that Wasteland has, we think we’re still a bargain.


8. Is there a difference in what you get for a discounted vs. full price ticket?
No. The price is the only difference.


9. Are there fees to park or to camp?
No. That’s all included in the ticket price. (See? Bargain.)


10. Do you sell single day tickets?
No. Each ticket is for the duration of the event.


11. Do you allow ins and outs?


12. Can I change the information for a ticket once it has been purchased?
Yes. Editing your ticket registration information is easy and it’s a great tool if you need to sell your ticket, transfer it to a friend, or simply update the information.

To edit tickets, the ticket purchaser simply logs-in to the Eventbrite site using the e-mail address and password used during registration. Once in, go to My Tickets > Wasteland Weekend 2016 and click the “manage” tab.

You can then change the name and the email address associated with a ticket. Changing the email address should cause a new confirmation to be sent to that email with a ticket that can be printed (or simply shown to check-in staff on a smart phone for scanning once you arrive).