Thank you for an amazing Wasteland Weekend 2016!


photo by Ross Way

Thank you to all of our hard working staff and volunteers for the greatest Wasteland Weekend ever!

This was our seventh year and our post-apocalyptic city has never looked better. Our amazingly talented Wastelanders have never looked better. And the end of the world has never been this much fun.

We hosted over 2,500 people this year (not to mention over 150 custom post-apocalyptic cars!), and veterans and newcomers alike shared in an incredible experience.

This event would never be even remotely possibly without our very small hardworking staff who give up so much of their time year round, our army of volunteers who put in blood, sweat, and tears before, during, and after the event, our incredible group of performers who do so much to entertain their favorite audience, and our enthusiastic attendees, who somehow keep a gathering of thousands feeling like a close-knit family reunion. And on top of all of that, the vendors and local emergency and law enforcement crews who invariably give us incredible support whenever it’s needed.

Right now, our tear down crew is still working hard in the Mojave desert. We’ll be back very soon with more recaps, more photos, and more video. Until then… thank you for the MADNESS!