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Music 2012

Wasteland Weekend 2011's music line-up includes DJs and live bands. Read More »

The Tribes of Wasteland Weekend

Here is a look back at some of the tribes of Wasteland Weekend 2011. These and more tribes are already expanding and planning for an even bigger showing at Wasteland 2012. Read More »

Perish’s Studio 69 – Warriors & Goddesses Party

Wasteland is partnering with Perish's Studio 69 for a huge Mad Max-themed Hollywood party. "Warriors and Goddesses" is one of the largest post-apocalyptic-themed events of year, with hundreds attending in costume. Read More »

Event Schedule

Here is the event schedule for last year's Wasteland Weekend. We are leaving it up here as a reference. It should not be considered a preview for WW2012. Every year is different. Read More »

New For 2011

These were changes made between WW2010 and WW2011. We are leaving this up as a reference. Changes for 2012 will be announced at a later date. Read More »