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New Wasteland videos!

If you’re not following us on social media, you may have missed a couple of new videos we released.  First up is a new promo video to get you ready for Wasteland 2021 this September: https://youtu.be/LPjwfkxjY4c Second is a video with a bunch of never-before-seen aerial / drone footage from Wasteland 2019! https://youtu.be/yxji0m4JWS8 We’ll be posting more updates over the …

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Wasteland Weekend: The State Of The Community

September, 2020. WHERE WE’VE BEEN The very first Wasteland Weekend in 2010 wasn’t much more than a few hundred people camping in a field. For the most part, we were all strangers in makeshift costumes, meeting each other for the first time at a small patch of desert none of us had ever been to before. As event managers, we …

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Introducing The New Wasteland Weekend Blog

We’re proud to announce that we will be launching the new Wasteland Weekend Blog right here on our website. This project is intended to be a space for event news, security updates, announcements, and general discussion regarding the event and the post-apocalyptic genre we all know and love.

This portion of the website will be dedicated to gathering pertinent information in …

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Mad Max Fans Prepare to Live the World of Fury Road

Mad Max Fans Prepare to Live the World of Fury Road May 18, 2015 For anyone under 30, Fury Road will likely be the first time they see a Mad Max film in a movie theater. But as George Miller’s amazing new film creates a new generation of fans (and reignites the guzzoline-filled passions of the older ones), they’ll quickly …

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Featured Costume Maker: Dimitri Zaitsev

In the fall of 1998, I was a thirteen year old kid with a penchant for science-fiction, living in the suburbs of Moscow. I remember buying my first badly translated copy of Fallout-2 and putting the CD into my brand-new Pentium-1 computer. Long story short, it has changed my life forever. The apocalypse just got hard-coded into my heart I …

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