Bring home a piece of the Wasteland!

Want a souvenir of your journey to the Wastelands?

Here are just some of the items available for purchase at The Trading Post, the ONLY place to get official Wasteland Weekend (and Neotropolis) merchandise. It’s located right inside the City Gates, right next to the Command Center.

-Cash or credit, no barter-

New Item Alerts!


Art Posters!

This year’s band poster is by Ray Smyth, and the art poster is by Terry Wolfinger! We’ll also have every poster from every year available to purchase as well.


We have ordered a restock of previous year’s chevrons, patches we ran out of, and the new 2023 chevrons!

Dog Tags!

Multiple years are available, including 2023!
(Volunteers pick up their special crew dog tags and patches at the Command Center.)


Stick-on Car vinyls are back in two sizes and colors!
We also have two sizes/two colors of our Neotropolis logo!

Enamel pins!



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