Campsite Tips

Themed campsites are not required but may receive preferential placement (keep us informed). Don’t forget to plan for possible light rain, and high winds. There will be a themed campsite competition!

Here are some ideas:

Geodesic Domes: Have a mini Thunderdome on your site. You can cover the dome with an old surplus parachute.

Geodesic dome with cover

Camo netting and ammo cases for a little military feel.

Vintage signs (Gasoline station signs, Ford, Chevy, etc).

Old car parts: chrome, grills, tires.
Skulls: a ram’s skull on a pole as seen in The Road Warrior.

Chains: metal or plastic chains from your hardware store.
Old, torn-up fabric to cover your site or to fly as tattered flags. Old canvas tarps.
Don’t forget the nighttime: string lights, rope lights, neon, solar-powered garden lights, bonfires, torches, etc.
Do some reading on Burning Man camping tip sites to get an idea of what you will need for the desert. Here’s a good start: will be a competition for best campsite, so get to work!