Costume Tips

In-person Workshop with Mark Cordory coming to Wasteland 2018!

JULY 10th, 2018   photos by Roy Smallpage Mark Cordory has established himself as one of the world’s best post-apocalyptic costume and prop makers. We are excited to be able to have him out this year from the U.K. to teach his techniques to our attendees! For Wasteland 2018, Mark will be teaching a class on post-apocalyptic doll-making (which will …

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Featured Costume Maker: Dimitri Zaitsev

In the fall of 1998, I was a thirteen year old kid with a penchant for science-fiction, living in the suburbs of Moscow. I remember buying my first badly translated copy of Fallout-2 and putting the CD into my brand-new Pentium-1 computer. Long story short, it has changed my life forever. The apocalypse just got hard-coded into my heart I …

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