Early Arrival Policy


The event opens to attendees on Wednesday, September 25th.
Check in opens at 7am, though drivers may park in line starting at 12:01am (midnight) Wednesday morning. For more on our Event Entry Etiquette, head here.

The event closes at noon on Sunday, September 29th.
Attendees are required to have departed by 4pm Sunday.

Only individuals and groups with PRIOR approval and early arrival passes will be permitted to set up before the event is open. Only those with teardown passes (these are rare) will be permitted to remain past 4pm on Sunday.

Gates will be open ONLY to those approved for Early Arrival until Tuesday, September 24th at 10:00pm.

No further Early Arrival will be granted after 12:01am Wednesday morning.
Anyone with Early Arrival showing up after the cutoff will have to stay in line til the gates reopen for all at 7am.


What is the reason behind this policy?

Our insurance does not cover general attendees prior to and after the official event times. Security and medical services are not staffed for attendees that have no business being onsite.

Individuals and groups arriving early and staying late are disruptive to the setup and teardown process.

Unfair to other attendees who may not be able to arrive early and pick out camping spots.

Who is eligible for early arrival?

  • Staff and crew scheduled for pre-event duties
  • Onsite build crew
  • Certain, selected official entertainment, support, and Wasteland services
  • Pre-approved setup crew of fully themed tribes that have submitted an application, received approval, and have been placed on the map in one of the theme zones.

How does early arrival work?

THEME ZONE TRIBES – If you are approved for EA via your tribe, your tribe’s point of contact as listed on the Theme Zone application will receive an e-mail confirming your Early Arrival status, and the earliest date you are able to enter. No approval, no entry.  Check with your tribe PoC if you are expecting EA clearance for Tuesday.

VOLUNTEERS & PERFORMERS – If you have been approved AND scheduled for a volunteer shift that requires early arrival, you will receive an email confirming your Early Arrival status. Onsite build crew, support staff, and entertainers that are required to be onsite and ready for early shifts will also receive notification via email. If your volunteer shift does not require you to be onsite early, you will not get a pass.  Do not contact Team Leads or staff requesting early shifts for the purpose of getting in the gates early; you will be denied.  Only those with reason to be onsite early will be given Early Arrival status.

Theme camps may submit an application for placement and early arrival. The deadline for this was July 31st. Your tribe leader and/or contact is responsible for submitting names and contact information for the requested early arrival passes. DO NOT CONTACT WASTELAND regarding your early arrival status. Go through your chosen camp representative. If your camp is approved for placement and early arrival, Early Arrival emails will be sent ONLY to the individuals listed in your camp application.

What if I’m carpooling with people who don’t have early arrival passes?

Don’t. This was heavily abused in previous years, resulting in security and medical incidents. We are no longer bending the rules for carpools. Anyone in the vehicle without a pass will be denied entry. Plan your carpools accordingly.



This should go without saying, but is especially true for early arrival and teardown. One security incident, confrontation with staff (for any reason), or drug/alcohol related problem, and you lose this privilege. Forever. You may also jeopardize access for your entire camp, lose placement, and have early arrival status revoked for your theme camp.

Anyone WITHOUT an early arrival pass who shows up at the event prior to the official opening time (Wednesday) WILL be turned away.

Please respect this policy, and be aware local law enforcement may issue citations to those camped outside the event site.

Wasteland Weekend