Here is the Official Entertainment Schedule for Wasteland Weekend 2021! (click here to view)

And if you’re interested in the many UNOFFICIAL events, you can find a schedule of those HERE.

The official schedule may change as the event approaches, and we will update the link above accordingly, so check the date at the top of the schedule to make sure you have the latest.

If you’re interested in just the LIVE MUSIC (bands and more), you can see that HERE.

Printouts of the schedule will NOT be available onsite but you can see the latest schedule at the Command Center and on the big activities boards at the Dauntless Express Corp (DXC) camp right on Main St in Wasteland City.

Wasteland Weekend offers plenty to watch and be entertained by, but it’s also an interactive and immersive experience! Browse this page and see just how much there is to get up to during your days and nights in our post-apocalyptic world.

Everything from official professional entertainment, to tribe-generated and attendee-created experiences, to impromptu adventures. No two trips to the Wasteland Weekend will ever be the same. Bring your sense of adventure and be ready to explore!

And now, more info on our 2021 entertainment (in no particular order):

Wasteland Radio always broadcasts 24/7 on 88.3 FM


The most amazing collection of Wasteland cars you’ll find anywhere! Both on show and on the move.

CAR SHOW and Judging will happen Friday, from 2-4pm behind Main Stage

If you’ve got a themed car you want part of judging, bring it to the field behind main stage at 2pm on Fridady. Cars that have previously won awards at previous Wasteland Weekends may be shown, but are not eligible for awards. The map below is from 2019, but the 2021 car show will take place in the same location.

CAR CRUISE, Saturday at 3:30pm, behind Twin Hills

The most epic car parade you’ve ever seen! 3:30pm on Saturday. (The map below is from 2019, but the 2021 car cruise will be in the same location and at the same time)

Bring your themed car to the staging area entrance shown at the arrow at general parking in the map below. Staff will place your car or motorcycle in one of several groups and direct you to where to line up the field South of the twin hills. (This is a car parade, not a race, and speeds must be kept to 5 mph).


If you want to do some serious off-roading, you’ll need to go off event property, but you won’t need to go far. The whole California City / Mojave / Edwards area has miles and miles of great OHV trails that people travel from far and wide to enjoy. With free ins and outs at Wasteland Weekend, it’s easy to take a break off site (though you may find yourself missing the Wasteland pretty quickly, not to mention some of the events on this very page!)


Bringing a themed vehicle? Give someone a ride (or catch a ride) from one of many stops along the brand new MOJAVE EXPRESS! Basically an informal WW bus stop – new for Wasteland 2021, just look for the signs to find a stop along the route and see what happens!

OR, head over to the Dogs Of War camp to hitch a ride in one of the vehicles from the world’s largest collection of replica cars from Mad Max 2/The Road Warrior.

If all else fails, stick your thumb out near the lineup for the car cruise on Saturday! Many drivers are looking for passengers for that most epic of car parades.


Finally, when it comes to Wasteland automotive fun, if all of the above (including the 5-10 mph car parade are just too FAST for you, check out the tribe Skofield’s Drifters when they hold their infamous SLOOOOW RACE. Let’s see who can win… by losing.


There’s nothing quite like visiting the world’s one and only post-apocalyptic beauty salon. No money required! Most of the services are free as a courtesy to our attendees, and some of the higher-end ones can be bartered for. So if you want some serious Wasteland style, bring something special to trade…

Located in the command center complex. Daylight hours.


All attendees are welcome to join in at the free fire spinning area “HADES” (look for it on the MAP). Many types of fire spinning, practicing, instruction, and performances are allowed, but no mechanical fire devices are.

Full rules and hours will be posted on site and overseen by our fire performance safety team who are always in the area.


Open hours: Thursday-Saturday mornings 9:30am – 11:30am (ish). Test your skills against your fellow Wastelanders. Located at the Eastern edge of the compound, near the Green Place ward.

Notes from our Range Master:

The Newbie Archery Hour will be from 1030 am to 1130 (ish) a.m. On Saturday, it will be from 9 am to 10 am, just before the tournament(s). This is for people who have never shot before, or it’s been a really long time since you shot.

SATURDAY IS TOURNEY DAY! This means that while the range will open at 9 am, it will shut down for tournament participants at 10 am. We will have atlatl and archery tournaments, more to come about that later. If we wrap up the tournament fairly quickly and still have at least a half hour before the range would normally shut down, I will open back up for all open shooting.

PLEASE TRY to have your own gear for the tournament. I don’t want people switching/swapping the loaner bows and arrows for this, because it gets too confusing as to who has what arrows, who can shoot in what order because they’re sharing bows, etc. More about tournament rules, specs, etc. will be forthcoming. Train your aim, especially away from center. 🙂
And again, if you have any archery equipment that you found a great deal on at yardsales this year and would like to donate, I will happily add it to my loaner gear hoard; we could especially use protective bracers and shooting gloves/tabs to be able to loan to people. Nobody likes string slap bruises.

Find full info the Archery Range Facebook page here


Back in 2017, we started to bring a taste of the Wastelanders Ball to Wasteland Weekend!

Friday night at the main stage and the Atomic Café (and wherever else you want to wander), wear your most elegant/distressed Wasteland attire. (Wasteland costume theme rules still apply, it’s just a chance for you to make them more “fancy”) Anyone may join and it is not a closed off event. Basically, it’s just a suggested costume theme for the evening, nothing else and no special requirements or tickets.

Some Tribes and camps really get into the spirit and throw Friday Formal events as well.


A showcase for the best new original post-apocalyptic shorts, plus other films to help you escape into the wasteland of the mind. For 2021, the Film Festival goes back to night time screenings in a new location. We will update this listing soon with the theater location and hours.

More info HERE and on Facebook.

You can view the full 2021 Wasteland Film Festival Official Program here.


Shortly before sunset on Saturday we do our annual group photo at the gates to Wasteland City. Come one, come all!


Wasteland holds the world’s greatest post-apocalyptic costume competition. As always, we will have both an original AND replica category. Replica costumes are anything from an existing movie, videogame, etc.

THIS YEAR, THE COSTUME CONTEST WILL BE AT NIGHT! This should make it a little easier on those of you who wear hotter costumes.

Scheduled for 6:30pm on Main Stage! 

You are allowed to submit pictures to the judges (or just show them on your phone) if you are in the replica category, and aren’t sure if we will know your character.

To enter, just be at the main stage a half hour BEFORE the competition begins (the judges want you gathered for PRE-JUDGING, so that awards can be handed out shortly after you all walk the stage).



It’s the end of the world’s greatest swimwear revue! In the shadow of the Waterworld-themed Trading Outpost 364, Wastelanders design and display outfits that harken back to when the world had enough water to take for granted.

Happening on Saturday at 12 noon at Outpost 364!

We hear if you get near the front rows, the Smokers might toss out some cigarettes, not to mention a generous splash of Aqua Cola.

SIGN UP if you want to show off your swimwear! (applications will close sometime prior to the event):

SMASHBOTZ! and the RC car Death Race!

Look for SPOT #90 on the EVENT MAP. (Next to the Hades fire spin area)

Your favorite remote-controlled emissaries of mechanized mayhem will be back – Always bigger! With new and improved carnage!

Featuring a no-holds-barred demolition race of Mad Max-style RC cars and traditional battle robots.

The RC Death Race takes place at 5pm on Thursday.

The Robot battles take place at 7:30pm on Saturday.


One of the city’s favorite groups is coming back after a hiatus, bringing a one-of-a-kind interactive attraction. The Caution Tape Carnival is a post-apocalyptic midway of fun (we’re hoping they bring back the ever popular HUMAN CLAW MACHINE.


Fire, drums, aerial acts, the veteran Wasteland performers from the Badlands bring it all!

 You can find out more about them on Facebook here.


This epic fire performance group returns to the Wasteland. Previously, they’ve created amazing Fallout and Mad Max-themed performances. We can’t wait to see what they bring this year!



A lack of satellites sending shows means that in this new land of ours we return to old-school, analog forms of entertainment. The puppets help us ‘member! Watch them do their tell at the Wasteland side stages!
This year, they plan to tend bar (!) and put on a show at the Wreck Room on Wednesday from 8:30pm – 9:30pm.
They will also be premiering FURRY ROAD THE MUSICAL at the Wreck Room on Thursday at 3pm.


Get creative with your fellow makers during crafting workshops in the Green Place, and they give tours as well of this incredibly detailed and beautiful collection of tribe camps.


By Brother Justify, the Wasteland Preacher. Each year, his radiation sickness gets worse, but his faith in the holy power of the atom grows stronger…
(Takes place at 11am at the gates to Wasteland City unless otherwise specified)

brother justify
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A truly post-apocalyptic burlesque troupe, the Molotov Mollies are no strangers to the Wasteland, having performed on our sands before with various other groups. Their world is fire… and burlesque!

BOUNTY HUNTING with the Rust Devils!


One of the most popular daytime activities in the Wasteland.

Hunt humans, make new friends, er… enemies, and win fortune and glory. What could be more wholesome?

Learn more HERE



This legendary tribe has been at every Wasteland Weekend. They’ll be playing a three-day tournament of the bloody, glorious, football-played-with-a-dogskull future sport known as JUGGER!

Learn more here.


Browsing the goods at the vendors stalls in our very own marketplace can be a very immersive experience, and you just may find that perfect Wasteland item you’ve been looking to buy. Some of the vendors will barter for goods, but most of them take good old-fashioned old world cash (and some even take credit cards). Not only will you find a cool variety of handmade, collectible, and essential goods for all of your end-of-the-world needs, we also have our biggest ever variety of FOOD VENDORS this year!


Shameless plug time: If you’re looking for an official Wasteland souvenir to take home, but sure to stop by the Wasteland Trading Post during daylight hours (in the Command Center Complex). That’s where you’ll find official merch like t-shirts, patches, dog tags, enamel pins, mugs, and much much more.

And, maybe, some of the items from our one and only online store!


New for 2021, one of Wasteland City’s most well-known tribes is putting on a show! The military-themed “gun runners” known as the Dukes of the Nuke are having a post-apocalyptic USO Show!


Many of the veteran tribes of the Wastes get into the optional LARP/lore aspect of the event, providing “missions” that let you explore Wasteland Weekend and make new friends (and enemies?) in the process. Even including breaking out of the new Wasteland Jail, “The Slammer” (which bas basically built so that people could have fun escaping from it).


New this year, the incredible atmosphere at the HOTEL SASSWOOD camp will include their own cabaret show!

Hotel Sasswood is excited to invite you all to the Hotel Sasswood Cabaret at Wasteland Weekend!

Friday Sept 24th at 8PM at Hotel Sasswood, Site 55, on the corner of Main St & Seven Sisters Blvd (Part of “The Roadside”)
Performers are being announced daily, here is the lineup thus far:
•Careful! Copperhead bites…but only if you tip extra. Make sure you get to the Hotel Sasswood early so you’re close enough to make it rain.
• The Tempestuous Mass manages to make a terrifying situation sexy…sexy terror!
•Fresh off the Babes of Metal Burlesque stage, Bang Bang is bringing some old school Burlesque class to the Wastes!
•Dolly Mama is going to take you on a JOURNEY! Be ready to go on a wild ride, Mama will take care of you!
•We bring you the burlesque beauty @bunnybadlands as Safetypin (Ouch, it hurts so good)!
Show starts at 8, Arrive early to grab a good seat and a signature beverage from our Hotel Bar “Le Poisson Mort Lounge”

You can check out more on Hotel Sasswood (including location and entertainment) on their Facebook page and event, or on their Instagram HERE.


Yes, that’s right, pick up a copy of THE WASTELANDER, printed daily in the Wasteland (copies for sale at the WCC Post Office, while they last).

And as always, you can enjoy many of the other day and evening attractions and locations Wasteland City has to offer, like nightlife at the Atomic Cafe, the Den, The Rad Stag Saloon, the Mushroom Cloud Lounge, the Forlorn Hope Lounge, and the Wreck Room.

Daytime, you can browse at the last public Library, send a postcard back to the boring old real world at the Wasteland Post Office, and more!


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