Entertainment Lineup for Wasteland 2016

Wasteland Weekend 2016 has a wide variety of post-apocalyptic entertainment!

*We sometimes need to update the schedule with changes right before the event, so be sure to check this page again before you head out to the wastes!*

(Lineup subject to change)

The full daily/hourly schedule of events can be downloaded here:

(Printouts of the schedule will NOT be available on site but you can see the latest schedule at the Command Center and on the big activities boards at the DXC camp in Wasteland City)

MUSIC LINEUP- All of our great music acts for this year’s event have their own page  (and Wasteland Radio always broadcasts 24/7)

Check it all out HERE at our music page

And now, check out the rest of our entertainment (in no particular order):

All attendees are welcome to join in at the free fire spinning area “HADES” (area #46 on the MAP). Many types of fire spinning, practicing, instruction, and performance are allowed, but no mechanical fire devices. Full rules and hours will be posted on site and overseen by our fire performance safety team who oversee area).


burning sensations 2 2014burning sensations 2014


Our very own Wasteland casino returns yet again. One of the most popular hangouts in Wasteland City. Bet your bottlecaps (only casino-issued bottlecaps will be allowed) on the games of chance. Spend them on incredible (or incredibly ridiculous) prizes at the casino auctions.



A showcase for the best new original post-apocalyptic shorts. Plus other films to help you escape into the wasteland of the mind. More info HERE and on Facebook.


The world’s largest gathering of post-apocalyptic vehicles!
A favorite each year. A low speed vehicular parade around the adjacent desert, with great opportunities for taking photos and video, and looking (not to mention feeling) totally badass.
Once again, we will be doing a combination cruise and car show with judges giving out awards for the best vehicles (including a motorcycle category). There will be a cruise both Friday and Saturday. Car and motorcycle judging will take place on Friday, with the awards given out on Saturday.
Be sure to download a guide to the car cruise (click for larger version you can download/print):

Kerian car cruise


Late Saturday afternoon Wasteland holds the world’s greatest post-apocalyptic costume competition (also known as the Wasteland Style Awards). As always, we will have both an original and replica category (split into male and female). Replica costumes are anything from an existing movie, videogame, etc..
You are allowed to submit pictures to the judges (or just show them on your phone) if you are in the replica category and aren’t sure if we will know your character.
To enter, just be at the main stage when the competition begins.
And just like last year, our top costume contest winners in each category will receive 3 months free access to online tutorials from the Stan Winston School of Character Arts!


THE WASTELAND FASHION SHOW (with a special intro drag performance by Lady Vajayjay)

A post-apocalyptic runway show like no other. See the latest in wasteland fashion and accessories.

How does the fashion show differ from the costume contest? The fashion show is not a competition. Also, the clothing and weapons displayed at the fashion show must be FOR SALE. (Either for sale at the event, or for order). It’s a great opportunity for our onsite Wasteland vendors to show off what they have to offer.

ww fashion show 2014 2ww fashion show 2014 1

SMASHBOTZ! and the RC car Death Race!

(Death Race takes place Friday, robot battles Saturday – see schedule)

Your favorite remote-controlled emissaries of mechanized mayhem will be back – Bigger! With new and improved carnage!

Featuring a no-holds-barred demolition race of Mad Max-style RC cars on Friday (On a dirt track at the North end of the event, near the Buzzard Patch)and traditional battle robots on Saturday (in the Gladiator Arena), and

 Hells Sirens: Unearthly Belly Dance


received_826628650805473Wasteland Weekend’s premier belly dance entertainment is back again! The Hell’s Sirens production is organized by Saahirah Syn who offers a rotating cast each year featuring some of the most talented dancers out there. This year, Hell’s Sirens is thrilled to have world traveled artists Ariellah Aflalo & Mavi Clay join two more exceptionally breathtaking newcomers Raven Ember & Tracy Lynn. Hell’s Sirens trademark air raid sirens will sound at the beginning of our performances, so when you hear the sirens call head to the main stage! In the meantime, visit our performers’ websites to see what you have to look forward to:


Fire, drums, aerial acts, the performers from the Badlands bring it all.



Fire and electricity meet in a show that would make Nikola Tesla proud!

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Making their Wasteland debut and bringing sideshow mayhem to the V8 stage near Undertown!
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This epic fire performance group returns to the Wasteland. Last year, they created an amazing Fury-Road-themed series of performances, this year, we hear a tribute to Fallout is in the works!
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by Brother Justify, the Wasteland Preacher. Each year, his radiation sickness gets worse, but his faith in the holy power of the atom grows stronger…
The sermon will take place at the Temple Of The Nuke, where all may worship in the holy radiation of the Missile Of The Old world, that chose to spread it’s love and warmth rather than launch.

brother justifymarta petrucci bro justify 1 1017196_10202128546392093_1764694672_n

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nuclear bombshells 2015 pic

Returning from fabulous Lost Vegas and bringing burlesque, fire, and patriotic fervor.

Pangea – A post-apoclyptic group of gender rebels and kinky drag performers

Kinky queer cabaret Pangæa returns to the desert wastes to tantalize and scandalize! HP Loveshaft’s roving band of dipstick thesbians includes drag kings and queens, as well as fire and burlesque performers of all genders.

What started in 2012 as one of LA’s first drag king shows has grown to be they county’s longest-running LGBT play party and most talked-about cabaret. Their singularly twisted blend of sexy and nerdy acts have made them a hit at conventions and festivals from BentCon to Trans Pride.

For Wasteland, this tenacious troupe will bring a bloody spectacular selection of showtunes and singles, brought to life in their distinctive gender splendid style. Cannibals and raiders will form cha-cha lines while stranded soldiers and wanton warbois lip synch for their lives. Don’t miss the Wasteland’s gayest gala on both Friday and Saturday at the V8 stage!

Pangaea also invites you to enjoy the hospitality of their Post-Nuclear Family. Slide up to the Barbershop Bar for a drink and a haircut, or stop after sundown for some sadism at their dungeon playspace.

More information at clubpangaea.com. Audition and booking inquiries may write to hploveshaft@clubpangaea.com.

pangeajuly2016-23july2016-21 july2016-11

SAND DEMON – The Wasteland Magician

There’s a demon in the wasteland. From the corner of your eye, you see him. Limbs twist and contort as he manipulates the material plane. In a world of sand and dust, he is a testament that magic never dies. Even after fallout.

In another life, he could be Jeff Favor: Professional magician, studying occultist, and author. He is based in Los Angeles, CA, and is recently a new member of The Academy of the Magical Arts.




Some of our veteran tribes provide amazing atmosphere and entertainment as well. Such as…

The Thunderdome!
Death Guild brings their legendary Dome to Wasteland Weekend. Two men enter, one man leaves!

Wasteland Gladiators in the battle cage!

Located near the Atomic Cafe and main stage. Check posted signs for fight times.

BOUNTY HUNTING with the Rust Devils!


One of the most popular daytime activities in the Wasteland.

Hunt humans, make new friends, er… enemies, and win fortune and glory. What could be more wholesome?

Learn more HERE (and be sure to read their 2016 updates on that page!)


This legendary tribe has been at every Wasteland Weekend. They’ll be playing another tournament of the bloody, glorious, football-played-with-a-dogskull future sport known as JUGGER!

And as always, you can enjoy many of the day and evening attractions Wasteland City has to offer, like the Atomic Cafe, the Mushroom Cloud Lounge, the last public library, the Wasteland Post Office, the post-apocalyptic PUPPET SHOW and more!