Official Entertainment

The official Entertainment lineup
for Wasteland Weekend 2024!

Taking place September 25th-29th 2024, you can expect to see internationally-known performers ranging from bands, solo artists, and various acts on our Main Stage, and throughout the event. 

Applications for performers (which includes bands, DJs, Gogo dancers and other entertainment)
are open, so apply now if you think you’ve got what it takes!


In addition to the official schedule, there are a ton of unofficial, community, and tribe-created events that go on at Wasteland. Check out the Community Unofficial Event Schedule, which will be continually updated getting closer to the event.

(We do not maintain, edit, or officially endorse anything on that schedule, but there’s definitely some great stuff in there!)


(Check back for updates as we get closer to the event!)

For a list of bands that have previously played at Wasteland Weekend, check out this post


If you’ve never seen a show from this theatrical horror industrial metal powerhouse, PREPARE YOURSELF. 

“Welcome to the Sweetmeats Slaughterhouse – home of Dead Animal Assembly Plant. This horrorshow car crash wrapped in an atom bomb – the butchers are here to thrill (or kill) ya with their industrial metal noise and bombastic frenetic stage show. So come in and sit a spell – in the end we’re all a little dead here.”


Originally founded in 1981, London punk band Soldiers Of Destruction played around 40 shows with such legends as the Exploited, GBH, UK Subs, and Peter And The Test Tube Babies. Despite having no record deal and never recording anything, the band gained a loyal following eventually headlining venues. Now located in Las Vegas, Soldiers Of Destruction are back with a vengeance.

Check out their website for more. 


2 Shadows, a dynamic alternative metal duo from Vancouver, Canada, consisting of guitarist Tryst Germaine and singer Glen Clarke Bridden began in 2015. The band quickly distinguished itself in the metal scene with its powerful combination of modern metal sounds and visually theatrical performances. Drawing influence from iconic bands such as Slipknot, Rammstein, and Korn, as well as contemporary acts like Bad Omens and Wage War, 2 Shadows has created a unique sound that resonates with fans across the globe. Check out the music video for “Fading From Misery” here, and their cover of “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” here.


Would it *REALLY* be Wasteland without them? Hailing from the deserted wastelands north of Los Angeles, AHTCK is Post-Apocalyptic rock and roll for the purpose of having fun, making high-energetic music and showing you a good time. Founded in 2009, AHTCK has spread the post-apocalyptic love all over the southwestern United States! Check out their latest music video “King of the Moon” here.

Militia Is My Name

MILITIA IS MY NAME  is the “voice of rebellion!”  Dubbed “one of the greatest rock vocalists of her generation,” this badass goddess has performed with Cyndi Lauper, Twisted Sister, Living Colour, L7, Candlebox and John Petrucci.  Her recent duet “Push Comes to Shove” by supergroup Bad Penny, features M with heavy metal icon Rob Halford of Judas Priest. She is also the kickass frontwoman of all-female band Judas Priestess, and is featured in the rock documentary “They Say I’m Different” about funk-rock icon Betty Davis.  Militia’s mesmerizing presence, raw power, 4 octave range and alt metal sonic style will leave you shook! 

Unapologetically its own genre, MILITIAISMYNAME stirs the elements of hard rock, metal, goth /industrial, prog and psychedelic. Armed with epic originals, reimagined classic anthems and their signature fire show, MILITIA IS MY NAME rules the stage – from the underground to rock’s biggest festivals.



This all-femme alt post punk band hails from Los Angeles, CA. Fronted by guitarist/vocalist Xtine Reckless (daughter of legendary reggae musician Fully Fullwood), with Rie Li Rebel on bass, Major Jett on drums and Oze Roarz on guitar. A ferocious force to be reckoned with! “Dead Weight” was co-produced by Tim “Timebomb” Armstrong of Rancid, along with a music video filmed on location in the U.K. during their headlining 2022 “Reckless in the U.K.” tour. (Bonus video- we LOVE this circle pit from their last appearance at Wasteland!)


Los Angeles-band Living Darkness has taken the influence of many major heavy metal juggernauts and formed it into their own sound. Check out some of their live performance here.


Anthea is a symphonic metal band from Los Angeles. They blend progressive, power, and thrash metal with a theatrical edge. Check out the music video for “Song for Winter” here.


CROSSBREED, a pioneering force in industrial metal since 1996, blends aggressive guitar riffs with cutting-edge electronic textures. Emerging from Florida’s underground metal and rave scenes, they’ve pushed boundaries with their bold sound and captivating visual aesthetic. Their debut album “Synthetic Division” (2001) introduced a unique blend of metal and industrial beats, featuring the single “Underlined,” which earned airplay on MTV2 and MTVX and a Billboard Music Award nomination. Over the years, Crossbreed’s lineup included members from bands like Mushroomhead, Celldweller, and Marilyn Manson, shaping dynamic performances. They’ve toured extensively with Rammstein, Static-X, and Mushroomhead, and opened for acts like Linkin Park and Mudvayne. After a hiatus, their 2024 release “The Killer Inside” was praised for its cinematic quality and exploration of horror and sci-fi themes. Crossbreed continues to captivate audiences at major U.S. rock festivals like Inkcarceration and Rock Fest, solidifying their reputation as innovators in the alternative metal scene.


Escape From The ZOO hails from Texas. Their unique style is a little punk, a little ska, and a whole lotta ass-kicking. Check out their music video for “Sentient Beer” here.

Additional Entertainment

Once AT Wasteland, you’ll find official and unofficial events listed on the big event board at the Dauntless Express Corp (DXC) camp, just inside the Wasteland Gates on Main Street:

Death Guild Thunderdome!


We are thrilled to announce the RETURN of Death Guild Thunderdome!
You’ll need to sign up to fight ahead of time to participate.
Once that form is live, we’ll post it here.


World Famous Wasteland Weekend Swimsuit Contest!

Held and run by Trading Outpost 364, with the returning skills of Ravage as MC! Contest takes place Saturday, September 30th at noon. (Call time for participants is 11am at Trading Outpost 364!) If you would like to be a part of this great event, you’ll need to pre-register.
We’ll have the link posted here when registration is open.

Car Show and Armada (Car Cruise)

Car Show:
Wasteland Weekend is the largest gathering of Mad Max-style cars in the world, and you can get an upclose look at them during our CAR SHOW.

Join us Friday afternoon at 2pm in the field behind the main stage for the chance to see these creations all gathered together. It’s also when our judges award beautiful custom wasteland-style trophies for the best machines in multiple categories.
To enter, just get your vehicle to the car show area. But it must be fully-themed to enter and our staff reserves the right to exclude vehicles that don’t quite make the cut.
(If your vehicle has won 1st place in any category at our Wasteland car show before, you are not eligible to compete, but please show it off (and bring your trophy if you have it!) Other than that, all vehicles should be eligible.)

The winning vehicles drive to glory at the Saturday morning gate opening ceremonies!

Armada (Car Cruise):

There’s one experience at Wasteland Weekend that puts you inside a Mad Max movie like no other…

Saturday afternoon at 3:30pm, join us as the Wasteland armada rolls through the open desert. You don’t even need to be driving – hitchhikers are often given a chance to jump aboard one of these awesome machines.
Vehicles MUST be properly themed or they will not be allowed to join (and our staff’s word on this is final). 
If you want to join as a passenger and don’t already have a vehicle to hop on, we will have a designated “hitchhiking” area near the car cruise entrance so those drivers with some extra space can see you.

Last Chance Casino

The longtime lair of semi-fair games is returning to Wasteland City!

Risk your bottle caps to win fabulous (and ridiculous) rewards, as well as experiencing the unique casino atmosphere! What happens in the Wasteland Casino… sometimes takes multiple tries to wash off.
For more on the use of bottle caps at Wasteland, read #24 on the FAQ page.

The Wasteland Film Festival


Watch short films from all over the world in competition to win the coveted Irradiated Laurel.

All audience members can use our new wireless headphones inside the Wasteland Theater (near Command Center).

You can see the 2023 schedule here.



The archery range is back bigger and better! We’ve added axe throwing and more!

 (Absolutely no range use outside of these times!)
0900-1100: open ranges (own gear)
1100-1200: newbie archery hour (loaner gear available)
0900-1100: open ranges (own gear)
1100-1200: newbie archery hour (loaner gear available)
0900-1000: open ranges (own gear)
1000-1200: Archery con/test

Full details about where, when, and what you can throw/shoot at:

The Costume Contest

As the sun starts to go down Saturday night (September 30th), head to Main Stage wearing your Wasteland best to participate in our annual costume contest! There will be awards given in multiple categories.

No advance registration necessary, just show up at 6:30pm!


Free fire spin area for attendees  (experienced only)
Open Friday and Saturday,  8:30om-11 pm, 12:15am-2am
You may not spin at Hades during closed hours or when a fire safety person from the event is not present.
You may not use any mechanical fire devices (propane, flame throwers, etc.) just the usual fire tools (poi, staff, etc. etc.)

Fire breathing may only be performed by those very experienced in it, and only when the wind is completely dead.
If you are considering doing any fire breathing, you must inform the supervising fire safety at Hades before you commence.



Get ready for some miniature carnage at the annual Wasteland Weekend RC Death Races!
Even bigger, better, and wreckier this year. It’s not too late to take part with your own remote control car.
Learn more (and read the rules!) in the official group here.


The masters of mechanized mayhem return yet again to bring you the most brutal mechanical fights in the Wasteland!

Quests/ LARP/ Lore/ Immersion Missions

Wasteland Weekend is an immersive event, but it is not a full LARP event (Live Action Role Playing). It is absolutely acceptable to come out to Wasteland and simply enjoy yourself AS yourself and not engage in any of the role playing, game, mission aspects (as long as you’re always dressed in-theme, of course). But for those who like to dive in a bit deeper, there are plenty of ways to make yourself feel even more like you’re inside a post-apocalyptic movie.
Plenty of tribe camps (especially those inside the theme zone and inside the gates of Wasteland City) offer quests and interactive adventures throughout the event. For example, the Trading Outpost 364 Trade route offers new and old Wastelanders alike a unique way to experience the event. Walk a trade route to designated camps ready to barter, or help protect a merchant from raiders as a hired guard. You can learn more at the Trading Outpost 364 page.

You can browse the unofficial event schedule for these and you can also check the event board on Main St outside of the Dauntless Express (DXC) camp.

Some tribes have long-running stories and “feuds” with other tribes that go back years and years, so even if you’re not actively participating in some of this live story-telling that goes on, you can keep your eyes open for some dramatic (and/or silly) developments and shenanigans that can happen around the city. Just always be sure that whatever Wasteland lore you’re creating doesn’t interfere with someone else’s good time, and that whoever you are interacting with won’t misunderstand what you’re up to. We’re all there to have a good time, first and foremost and the larping at Wasteland tends to be pretty light-hearted.

One of the longest running immersive LARP activities at Wasteland is a bounty hunting game you can ask Tribes about.



Did you know Wasteland has had our own official radio station since the first event in 2010? And wow, HAS IT GROWN thanks to Wasteland Communication Corporation!

Be sure to tune an FM radio to 88.3 once you’re on or near the event site to add a whole other level to your post-apocalyptic immersion.

Juggers of the Wasteland 

The Juggers of the Wasteland, First Tribe of the Wastes, are proud to bring you the finest in full contact, fully armored, co-ed post apocalyptic team sports! They play Jugger as it was intended to be, with the Blood of Heroes!

The Puppets Of The Apocalypse!

A long-running Wasteland favorite, keep your eyes peeled in the theme area for some special appearances by the maddest, maxiest(?) puppets you’ve ever seen. They tend to pop up in the strangest places, telling stories, singing songs, and even tending bar occasionally.

The World’s first (and last!) Post-Apocalyptic Arcade

When you’re wandering the outskirts of The City, be sure to look for the last arcade from the old world, Ghillie’s Arcade! It features several one-of-a-kind arcade machines that have been custom-built for Wasteland Weekend, including a special pinball machine that you have to see to believe!

Nuke Review Theater

The independently operated Nuke Review theater! They feature nightly post-apocalyptic film screenings (with snacks!), playable arcade, barter and feats of bravery.

The Friday Formal

If you’ve ever been to the Wastelanders Ball in Los Angeles, you know what amazing fancy outfits Wastelanders have put together over the years. Friday nights at Wasteland are another chance to show of your Wasteland finest.

The Friday Formal is simply a SUGGESTED event-wide theme for the evening, that some tribes and locations are known to embrace. (The Wreck Room has been known to roll out the red carpet, and if you show up at the Atomic Cafe looking Wasteland-fancy on Friday night, you just might get handed a champagne cocktail (while supplies last).



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