Official Entertainment- Wasteland Weekend 2022

We are very pleased to share with you the official entertainment lineup for Wasteland Weekend 2022. Taking place September 28th-October 2nd, you can expect to see internationally-known performers ranging from bands, solo artists, and various acts on our Main Stage and throughout the event.

Read about our official event rules here.

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The legendary Mexican electro duo are storming the Wasteland on the heels of their amazing new album, Hyperviolent.

Playing Main Stage Thursday, September 29th.





Joining Hocico on Thursday night: Pure Chicago industrial. Featuring current and former members of: Ministry, RevCo, TKK, Pigface, and Hate Dept.




Joining Hocico on Thursday night, industrial music from Minneapolis.



Underground metal band Dead By Wednesday hails from the East Coast, and just dropped a new album, Capital Conspiracy. You can see their brand-new music video now.

Playing Main Stage Friday, September 30th.



AL1CE blends elements of electronic, dark wave, and progressive rock (think Daft Punk, the Cure, and Pink Floyd), with surrealistic and fantastic imagery, to create a dreamy, intimate, dark yet cathartic experience for fans. Inspired by Alice in Wonderland’s concept of embarking on a journey “through the looking glass”, AL1CE’s music explores universal themes of the sacred feminine and masculine, yin and yang, challenges and transcendence… the Unity of Opposites.
Check out their music video “FOR DEAD”


Electrifying neo alternative rock artist Élishia Sharie effortlessly synthesizes elements of 80s classic rock with 90s grunge to create an aggressive, cross-generational sound that she contrasts with an unapologetically gritty, soulful vocal.


Welcome to the Sweetmeats Slaughterhouse – home of Dead Animal Assembly Plant. This horrorshow car crash wrapped in an atom bomb – the butchers are here to thrill (or kill) ya with their industrial metal noise and bombastic frenetic stage show. So come in and sit a spell – in the end we’re all a little dead here.


Coming to play for a record TENTH year at Wasteland Weekend (a record that may never be broken) AHTCK will be closing out our Friday night on September 30th with a special extended set!


MILITIA VOX is the “voice of rebellion!”  Dubbed “one of the greatest rock vocalists of her generation” this badass goddess has performed with Cyndi Lauper, Twisted Sister, Living Colour, L7, Candlebox and John Petrucci.  Her recent duet “PUSH COMES TO SHOVE” by supergroup Bad Penny, features M with heavy metal icon Rob Halford of Judas Priest (2022 RNR Hall of Fame Inductee). She is also the kickass frontwoman of all-female band Judas Priestess and is featured in the rock documentary “They Say I’m Different” about fuck rock icon Betty Davis.  Militia’s mesmerizing presence, raw power, 4 octave range and alt metal sonic style will leave you shook! 



Assaulting our main stage once again – bringing that industrial energy to the Wasteland.



PUNK ROCK NOISE London punk band, originally founded in 1981, Soldiers Of Destruction played around 40 shows with such legends as the Exploited, GBH, UK Subs, and Peter And The Test Tube Babies. Despite having no record deal and never recording anything, the band gained a loyal following eventually headlining venues. Now located in Las Vegas, Soldiers Of Destruction are back with a vengeance.
SOCIAL LINKS: @officialsodband on fb/twitter/ig


Making their second appearance at Wasteland, we welcome back Old Blood, fresh off of their Acid Doom Over America tour.

Playing Main Stage Friday, September 30th.

Old Blood is:
C. Gunner – Guitar
Octopus – Bass
Lynx – Vocals
Diesel – Drums
Stone – Keyboards


The God Bombs is the Industrial punk rock brainchild of singer/bassist/programmer Justin Symbol. Formed as a trio in 2018, the band gained a cult following touring with Ministry, Mushroomhead, Chelsea Wolfe, Psyclon Nine & more. The band’s wild performances blend old-school live electronics with trap and metal energy.

Playing Wednesday, September 28th.

Additional Entertainment

Death Guild Thunderdome

After three years, we are thrilled to announce the RETURN of Death Guild Thunderdome!

You can sign up to join the mayhem in Thunderdome right now HERE.

Masuimi Max and Chaos Rites

Morat Photgraphy

Benny Rex Photography

The ultimate threesome: 2022 AltStar Hall of Fame winner, Masuimi Max and her Chaos Rites fire troupe bring sexy thrills and danger like you’ve never seen before! The perfect trifecta of wild, wicked women, coming to our main stage on multiple nights!

Masuimi Max
Her real name is Max, and, yes, she’s probably mad! Masuimi is a hellraising fetish icon who eats fire for breakfast. Some like it hot, but Masuimi likes it hotter.

Saint Anique
Don’t let the name fool you, Saint Anique came to raise hell. Hailing all the way from Sin City, this fire spitting, metal grinding, glass walking, hardcore burlesque babe wreaks havoc wherever they go.

A fire wielding priestess. Havoc causing yet compassionate towards animals and children. A karmic judiciary. Can use any weapon when appropriate but prefers old magic.
Instagram and Twitter at:


Last Chance Casino

The longtime lair of semi-fair games is returning to Wasteland City!

Risk your bottle caps to win fabulous (and ridiculous) rewards, as well as experiencing the unique casino atmosphere! What happens in the Wasteland Casino… sometimes takes multiple tries to wash off.
For more on the use of bottle caps at Wasteland, read #24 on the FAQ page.

Raven Collective

The RaVen Collective THE DANGER SHOW Possibly funny, sometimes sexy, always DANGEROUS ! Sideshow? Kinda. Comedy? Not exactly. Burlesque? Maybe. It’s knife throwing and entertainment like you have ever seen. The knives of The Spectre fly almost as fast as the quips from the motormouth madman of impalement perfection… as the always sexy Lady Violet attempts to keep the show on the rails. Coming all the way from NYC to bring you a show you have to see to believe. PUTTING THE FUN BACK IN FUNERAL

We’re excited that Wasteland veterans The RaVen Collective will be bringing their popular sideshow-style extravaganza back to our stage for 2022!

The Wasteland Film Festival


Celebrating ten years! That’s right, a decade of post-apocalyptic short films screened IN the wasteland for a film fest like no other!

And for this year, all audience members can use our new wireless headphones inside the Wasteland Theater (find the theater on the event map and/or look for the big domed tent).

This curated competition is still accepting entries. CLICK for details and deadlines (as well as links to view past winners!)


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