Event Entry Etiquette

Wasteland Weekend Event Entry Etiquette

Wasteland Weekend opens to the public at 7:00am, Wednesday, September 25th, 2024.
If you do not have a special Early Arrival ticket/QR code via Growtix, you WILL NOT BE ALLOWED on site before then!
Early access is only for Tribes setting up large camps, staff, and some volunteers who need to work before the event.
You’ll be notified if you’re one of these people.

For how to actually GET to site, go HERE

You may begin to line up on Rosewood Blvd, coming from California City Blvd at 12:01am (MIDNIGHT), Wednesday, September 25th, 2024.  Before that, regular ticket holders will be turned away.

We ask that all attendees enter Rosewood Blvd from the WEST via California City Blvd, regardless of what directions your GPS may try to give you. Your GPS may try to take you down roads that are closed or are not really “roads.” Don’t forget to use our GPS coordinates (35.087439, -117.825400) NOT our street address.

The road is relatively flat with some usual dirt road bumps and dips. Rosewood is split into two sides, like a two lane street.  Use the SOUTH lane on Rosewood, it is better for most non 4WD vehicles.
Also, as of Sept. 20th 2023, the road has been freshly graded. We put significant time and money into fixing it after the heavy rains over the summer. It’s now better than it was at NEO 2023.
Almost any vehicle should be able to travel it without trouble, as long as you follow any/all signs and staff instructions.

If you approach the turn off to the event from the east side of Rosewood Blvd, you will not be able to enter the event from that direction.  Instead, you will be rerouted to the end of the line of cars coming from the west end of Rosewood Blvd. (We are keeping the east approach open as much as possible for emergency vehicles and staff members on official business).

(Excellent directions provided by Bret “Critical Biggs” Rood)

Entry Protocol

Our awesome Traffic team will be out there to guide you, but so there aren’t any surprises, here are some general guidelines!

Prior to 12:01am Wednesday morning, you will be turned away.  Please do not try to “jump” the line by arriving early.  You will be asked to leave the site and return at 12:01am.

Keep the other lane on Rosewood Blvd. clear for departing vehicles and emergency vehicles.

The gate will open at 7:00am on Wednesday morning.

Everyone must stop at the gate. This includes re-entering attendees, volunteers, and staff.  

For new entries (those without a wristband):  Once you have turned onto the property, our traffic control will direct you into one of multiple lanes.  

For reentry (those with a wristband):  You will be directed to the reentry line by traffic control.  You must still stop to have your wristband checked, and everyone in your vehicle must already have a wristband.  Otherwise, you will need to wait in the new entry line. THERE IS NO RE-ENTRY LINE DURING THE FIRST FEW HOURS THE EVENT IS OPEN ON WEDNESDAY AM. We are too busy checking everyone in during that time to deal with people returning. Even if you have a wristband, you will have to wait in line with everyone else during the Wednesday rush. So if you got your wristband early, we recommend you not leave site until the Wednesday line dies down.

Once in an entry lane, STAY IN YOUR LANE!  Cutting back and forth is dangerous, and it slows everyone down.

DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH THE CHECK IN GATE WITHOUT STOPPING.  Security will pursue any vehicle that does not stop at the Check-In gate.

Tips & Tricks

If you are approved for Early Work Access, you will have received a separate early entry QR code.  You must have BOTH an admission ticket QR code from Growtix AND and a Work Access QR code from Growtix, and both codes will be scanned before you are allowed in to the event site early.  If you are unsure you are approved for Early Work Access, please check with your tribe lead, volunteer team lead, or performer coordinator.

To learn more about early work access for approved tribes, read more HERE.

If you are approved for Early Work Access, that approval is for YOU ONLY.  Everyone in your vehicle must be approved for Early Work Access individually!  If someone in your vehicle is not approved, they will be asked to leave the site and return when the event opens to the public.  However, they can drop you off at Check-In if you need to be on site early, and are approved.

The speed limit on the event property is 5 mph.  Remember that Traffic Control, the Check-In team, and the Security team are walking in the lanes.

Pay attention to the Check-In team!  They are there to get you into the event as fast and safely as possible.  If they are telling you to move your car over, move it!  If they tell you to stop, stop!

If you are in the overnight line (Tuesday night for Wednesday AM entry), stay with your vehicle.  You can get out and socialize with your immediate neighbors, but do NOT stand in the road and please do not leave the immediate area.  This is for your safety and to keep the line from slowing down when we can’t find a car owner.  If a car is abandoned, and we cannot find the owner after a reasonable time, it may be removed.

Attendees who require more than one warning to not stand in the roadway may have their ENTIRE VEHICLE barred from entering the event, including all passengers. This is a very important safety issue and we will be taking it seriously and enforcing it.

Do not set up any structures while you are waiting in line.  This includes cots/beds, tents, pop ups, shade structs, etc..  The entry line is NOT a campground.  

Turn off your car!  The line will take awhile.  If you run out of gas in the line, it slows everything down, and it’s hard on your car.  Roll down your windows, step outside (NOT in the road), say hi to your neighbors.

Bring water/snacks.  Again, you may be waiting awhile, so be prepared!

Once you are on the property, there will be a small portapotty group available close to the Check-In gate.  Please do not abandon your vehicle to use the bathroom, and please be careful when walking in traffic.

Rosewood Blvd is a public road.  Do not break any laws regarding driving in public areas, such as consuming alcohol.  Drinking and driving while on the private site is also illegal and will be enforced.

You do NOT have to be in costume to enter the event.  You can arrive in your normal clothes and change once you have found your camp site.

Again – DO NOT walk up the line.  We understand you are excited to be at Wasteland Weekend!  However, this is dangerous, and it slows us down badly when the Check-In team has to stop and find a car owner or escort you back to your car.

Have your current, valid, government issued photo ID with a birth date on it, and your ticket ready!  

Printed tickets are PREFERRED.  Your phone might not have much signal, might die, the screen locks, etc.  This slows down the Check-In team.  Please print your ticket if possible!

If you are showing your ticket on a phone for scanning:  Turn the brightness up high so it scans more easily.  Save the ticket as a locally-stored image file so you aren’t relying on signal to access it remotely.

Tune into 88.3 FM for Wasteland Radio!

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