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Wasteland Weekend 2023 Event Map

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Wasteland Valley is our home in the Mojave Desert, with large camping areas, room to expand, and new areas to explore. Don’t know where you’re camping yet? Want to meet up with your friends and create a new tribe? Going for the first time and have absolutely no clue how any of this works?

Check out the event layout!

There are many camping zones that are theme-optional areas where Wastelanders with like-minded views, designs, and costumes can come together.

Totally into the post-nuclear vision of apocalypse? Want to camp with similar styled Wastelanders? Now is your chance! Fresh out of a vault, or roaming the Mojave in Fallout style? There’s a new settlement just for you. Whether you are part of an organized tribe, or just costumed out for the viral apocalypse, there’s a gathering of Wastelanders out there to unite with.

Wasteland City is the hub for barter/trade, operations, entertainment, and home to a select few elite tribes. Wasteland City is 100% themed. Placement within the city is determined ahead of time through tribe/vendor applications. Those groups with a proven history of bringing something special to the event will have the chance reserve their spot inside the gates. Reserved camping for fully themed camps extends out beyond the walls of Wasteland City into the Theme Zone.

On the outskirts of Wasteland City is the great gathering of tribes. While all of Wasteland is on shaky neutral ground, similar themed camps can band together in loosely designated zones. Theme camping is suggested, but not required. Camping is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The map is a rough layout for Wasteland. Like everything in the post-apocalyptic future, there’s bound to be some chaos involved, and no plan ever survives contact with cannibals, marauders, or the Lord Humungus.

To quickly get your bearings, here are a few tips while looking at the map:

1. What you see in the graphic is what is known as “Wasteland Valley.” North is the left, East is at the top of the map, and so on. The dirt road Rosewood Blvd runs North/South along the left side of the map (not pictured)

2. See the spot marked “Fury Road” on the right side of the map? Everything to the right of that is what we refer to as “Wasteland City.”

3. The blocks just to the left of Fury Road are still mostly the “theme zone,” so it’s not “inside the city” but it’s still fully-themed camping.

4. To the left of the Theme Zones is what is generally referred to as “Tent City” or “General Camping.” This is where the first-come, first-served camping is.

5. If you have an RV, you can generally park it anywhere in general camping, you do NOT have to park it in “RV Blockade,” just look out for a few areas marked as soft sand/no RVs since those spots are where larger, heavier vehicles could get stuck.


We recommend saving the images to your mobil device for easy reference while at the event.

You can also print them!

(Be aware, the higher res image downloads may not be updated.)



1 Command Center
2 Trading Post
3 Wasteland Engineering
4 Medical
5 The Depot
6 Security


7 Canes Machina
8 The Skulduggers
9 Children of Aesir
10 The Farlanders
11 AHTCK Squad
12 Tortuga Trading Company
13 The Slammer
14 Boneyard Buzzards
15 Tooth N’ Nail
16 Great Northern Tribe
17 The Flight Crew
18 Ghillie’s Arcade
19 Wasteland Communications Corp
20 Arts and Culture Caravan
21 Last Chance Casino
22 Air Raid Sirens
23 Dauntless Express Corp
24 Dukes of the Nuke
25 Sunkn’ Norwegin
26 Caution Tape Carnival
27 Trading Outpost 364
28 Rabid Radstag Saloon
29 Wreck Room
30 Nuke Review


31 Northern Nomands
32 Juggers
33 Scofield’s Drifters
34 Blackthumb
35 Guttersnipes
36 Bastards & Broken Things
37 Ward 19
38 Petro Pirates
39 Rabid Asylum
40 Teef Huntas
41 The Defenestrate Horde

42 Dead Crows
43 Mutant Hunters
44 Dumpster Dive


45 Archery and Axe Range
46 Clan of the Boltcutters
47 Ragweavers
48 Vrakarana
49 Shady Traders
50 Lost Toys
51 The Repairasites
52 Scam Bandits
53 Warcats
54 Forsaken Nation
55 Public Eye
56 Fallen
57 Fracture Hill Fossil Co.
58 Wasteland Civil Defense
59 Autumn Pact
60 Operation Dessert Storm
61 The Bruid
62 Bombers
63 Atomic Sunburn
64 Apocs
65 Legio X
66 The Degenerates
67 Road Rash
68 Goat Heads
69 Sons of Black Sheep
70 Uncle Zeke’s
71 Pochteca Trading Association
72 Vanderhorn Ventures
73 Dogs of War
74 Ex Corpse
75 Uranium Arcadium
76 Troop
77 Order of the V8
78 CCB
79 War Machine
80 Fort Kickass


81 Wasted Saints
82 Northern Trade Federation
83 Cimota
84 Camp Carrion
85 Last Rites
86 Rustorationists

87 Thunderdome
88 Death Guild
89 Smashbotz
90 Atomic Café
91 Wasteland Stage
92 Film Festival Theatre
93 Zuul (The Buzzard Patch)


V1 Vertextiles
V2 The Junksmith
V3 Dirt Fox
V4 Firedryk Steel
V5 Manifesto Art
V6 Checkmate Leather
V7 Panacea X
V9 Karol B
V10 The Exquisite Corpse
V11 Midnight Mercenary Supply
V12 Mind Over Hatter
V13 Fire Kult
V14 Relicproof
V15 Instruments of War


F1 Jesse’s Pizza
F2 Golden Bamboo
F3 Pink Gorilla
F4 APOPalypse
F5 TexaSmoke BBQ
F6 Dinki-Dive


Wasteland Camping Zones

Most of the themed names for zones on the map are just a way for us to label and differentiate different areas of the event grounds. But there are a few noted below that have some specifics.

Decontamination Protocol – Just escaped the city and barely survived the trek across the desert? Getting in late at night after shaking off marauders? Might be a carrier for the T-virus? Don’t know where the hell anything is, or where your friends ended up? Camp here. Figure it out later. A refugee camp of sorts for survivors of the apocalypse who are new to Wasteland, arrive late at night, or simply haven’t decided where to set up camp yet. And if your friends did get eaten by cannibals, just go make new friends.

Open Camping

RV Blockade – This is NOT the only place where you can park RVs, but they are suggested to go here if you’re not sure where else to park your big rig. (There ARE a few spots of soft sand on the event site where you should NOT park an RV or similar large vehicle, but those should be marked with signs).

RV Camping

Silent Death – The farthest area out, intended for those who want it QUIET (well, as quiet as a post-apocalyptic camping festival in the desert is going to get, anyway).

Open Camping, QUIET Zone

The Ant Hill – A failed experiment in genetic manipulation, rumored to be a plot devised by the residents of Silent Death to create a buffer zone against invaders. Another rumor circulating is Wasteland Staff and volunteers have relocated all of the ant hills from H-park to this spot. Camp at your own peril.

(Open Camping. Ants. Maybe. Last we checked, anyway. But that doesn’t mean there can’t be some ants elsewhere too…)

The Redoubt – Open Camping.

Old Town – Open Camping

Nuclear Winter – Open Camping

The Buzzard Patch – Venture into the wilds and test your strength against the elements. RVs and Trailers are advised to stay out.  BE AWARE: 4WD ACESS RECOMMENDED, or walk in camping. If you drive your RV in here, you will get stuck. Open Camping

Rolling Thunder – Open Camping and a good place to show off your themed vehicles.

Quarantine Zone – Open Camping

The Redoubt – Open Camping

Fiddler’s Green – Open Camping

Half-Life – Open Camping

Ashen Fields – This burnt out waste at the corner of 7 Sisters Blvd and Thunder Road contains the ruins of the last 7 Sister Petroleum filling stations. It’s also home to the Hades fire spinning area – A dedicated zone for fire spinners (during posted open hours). You’ll encounter some reserved camping in Ashen fields (7 Sisters tribe, for example), but the rest is open.

Bone Flats – Open Camping

Wasteland Weekend