Fire Policy

What’s okay at Wasteland?

Campfires are allowed, subject to safety rulings of Event Control and the local Fire Department. Campfires must be attended at ALL times. If you are walking away from camp, or going to bed for the night, extinguish your campfire. Winds often make campfires a danger, so come prepared to quickly extinguish your campfire. Always have a fire extinguisher, bucket of water, and/or shovel on hand.

Personal camp stoves and BBQs are permitted, but use some common sense. Placing a cooking stove on a plastic table is a recipe for disaster. As with any open flame, keep it away from tents, shade structures, and any other flammable materials.

Burn Barrels are preferred over campfires for safety and management. These reduce the risk of burning coals/embers being picked up by the winds, and also make cleanup of ashes, nails, or other road hazards much easier. Like campfires, burn barrels must never be left unattended, and extinguished if weather conditions present a danger.

Fire spinning and poi is okay so long as it is done only at the designated “Fire Spin” area, while fire-watch safety personal are present. Lighting up and spinning in your own camp, or anywhere outside the Fire Spin area represents a safety hazard.

What is NOT allowed?

Fireworks of ANY kind are strictly forbidden and are not be brought to this event.

Flamethrowers, flame “poppers”, and all variations of liquid or pressurized fuel devices are NOT ALLOWED at the event. This includes (but is not limited to) brush burners, torches, jet engines/devices, flame throwing guitars, simulated explosions, sound makers, flame cannons, or any other flame device that utilizes liquid or gaseous fuel. DO NOT BRING THEM. California laws are very strict, and Wasteland has a zero tolerance regarding flame devices. Failure to observe this policy may result in expulsion from the event.