Is there anything to eat at the end of the world? YES! We have food vendors!


While attendees are certainly welcome to bring their own food and drinks (including your own alcohol) we also have some great food for sale on site.
This year, we are going to be joined by more food vendors than ever before!

You’ll find them all in or near the Bartertown vendors area and they all take cash and many of them take credit cards too.

Dinki-Dive and Texas Smoke are located in the Den:

All of our other food vendors are located nearby in Bartertown:

(The full event map is HERE)

Here’s the 2022 FOOD VENDOR LINEUP in no particular order…

The Dinki-Dive

Famous chili, the one and only ice vendor in the Wasteland, and much more! (Click on the pic above to see their menu)


TexaSmoke BBQ

Traditional, hardwood-smoked meats and sides return to the Wastes! And there’s no charge for the REALLY bad amateur standup while we turn slow-smoked deliciousness into fast food.


404 Convenient Store

The best damn Cafe on this side of the apocalypse! Enjoy slightly irradiated cold drinks, dirty bean juice, toss your own salads, and everything else you forgot to grab before you left home! Offering everything from produce to FIREWOOD to icy cold drinks, we got what you need and nothing more. Only at the 404 convenience store!


Golden Bamboo

Golden Bamboo is BACK in the Wastes!  Equipped with screaming metal griddle and flames to sweat your appetite.  Come see us slash & grill with hearts. Hell yeah, we’ll custom build your bowls!
P.S. Quench your thirst with Thai Iced Tea (aka Crack).


Jesses pizza

It may be the apocalypse, but as long as there is still pizza, maybe there’s still hope?


Cay Sal Pies

Cay Sal Pies offers a one of a kind, unique piescream experience with our frozen pies on a stick. Is it ice cream? Is it pie? The answer is Both!
See more of their lineup at the link below:


Pink Gorilla Espresso and Food Truck

Featuring espresso, cold brew coffee, breakfast sandwiches, smoothies, and much more!



Kettle corn, cotton candy, frozen slushies, lemonade, breakfast burritos, sandwiches, biscuits & gravy, hot dogs, burgers, and quesadillas!

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