2 Sick Short Videos!

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      super fun 4 min vid with great costuming.

      NSFW due to gore

      Mad Max: Roadkill BBQ


      OK for work, no gore

      Mad Max GoKart Paintball War


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      both of those videos are OUTLANDISHLY FREAKIN’ AWESOME!!! the editing and special effects in the bbq video are really impressive, and the gokart video has some stunt work deserving of applause. what i also really like about both videos is the unrestrained irreverent humor that permeates both. i was laughing out loud through each video.

      i am really amazed by WB games (the people making the new mad max video game), who funded both of these videos. they helped to support what i see as both an homage to the mad max franchise, and as bona fide artistic expressions. as far as i know, WB games didn’t dictate anything as far as the script (they just let these aspiring directors/writers/actors do their thing), and neither video is heavy handed in its promotion of the video game. kudos to WB games, and to everyone involved in making these really rad short films!

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