George Miller meets the Wastelanders!

On February 8th, 2016, the American Cinematheque hosted a special screening of Mad Max: Fury Road & The Road Warrior at the Aero Theater in Santa Monica. Director George Miller was there in person to speak between the films. Wasteland World made sure that some members of the Wasteland staff and costume community were there to welcome him (including head organizers of the event, Jared Butler and Adam Chilson).


Dr. Miller was so impressed with the costumed group that he asked if he could take a photo of them. (“He witnessed us!”)
George Miller takes pic of Wastelanders

He then obliged the Wastelanders by joining them for a group photo.

IMG_6278 webres2016_02_08_Fury Road and Road Warrior Screening with George Miller 13

Event Director Jared Butler thanked George Miller for inspiring the creativity of thousands of Wasteland community members around the world, and presented him with an official Wasteland dog tag as a small token of appreciation.

2016_02_08_Fury Road and Road Warrior Screening with George Miller 6

IMG_6271 webres

Wasteland would like to thank George Miller, Warner Bros. Pictures & Village Roadshow Pictures, the staff of the Aero Theater and the staff of the American Cinematheque, who continue to support the appreciation of cinema in Los Angeles.

(Special thanks to Ray for snapping THE photo!)

The American Cinematheque can be followed on Twitter and Instagram at @SidGrauman and Wasteland Weekend can be followed at @WastelandHQ

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