If you applied to perform and have not heard back one way or the other, you will hear from us shortly. Some acts who have not been contacted may still be confirmed as we go through the process of scheduling everyone.

We are looking for acts for Wasteland Weekend 2019! From the creative, to the bizarre, to the brutal and mad. Bring your talents to the apocalypse!

Whether you’re one of our veteran performers or new to the world of Wasteland, we’re excited that you want to come out and perform for one of the most unique audiences in the world, at a venue like no other!

For 2019 we have a limited number of performer slots available.
At the discretion of our staff, some performers will be offered a comped ticket while some will be offered a discounted ticket in exchange for their performance. Aside from the comped tickets, discounts are at $100 off or $50 off ticket price.
(You can read more information about why we have implemented this change HERE)

Given the visual nature of our event, it’s a great place to get photos and video of your performance (and we always have great photographers with us in the wasteland). You may also get media coverage (we have local and international media coverage every year, both in print and online), bands are allowed to sell their merch, and most importantly, it’s a hell of a lot of fun. (The event is 5 days long, and if you get a comped or discounted ticket to perform, you get to enjoy all days of the event when you’re not performing).