We are excited to finally be able to give specific information about the location of this year’s event:

Wasteland 2017 will take place within a 30 minute drive of the center of California City, CA.


Please see our Maps page for details on our new location, including specific instructions about getting there from the correct direction:



We know many of you have been waiting to purchase tickets and make travel plans based on this info, and we apologize that we were not able to release it any sooner.

We will NOT be giving out the exact coordinates until just prior to the event, but knowing that it will be within 30 minutes of the center of Cal City should allow you to do all of your planning. For example, H-Park is also within 30 minutes of the center of California City, so of the Cal City spots that you’re used to (Best Western Hotel, restaurants, etc.) will remain within easy travel distance.

We may give a few teaser photos from the property in the coming months, but we can’t risk having well-intentioned Wastelanders start exploring and camping on this private property prior to the event, therefore, the exact spot will remain secret until just before the event, at which point you’ll be given specific directions to get there.