Mad Max Fans Take Over L.A.’s last Drive-In for Fury Road

May 17th, 2015

Mad Max Fans Take Over L.A.’s last Drive-In for Fury Road

So what do you do when you’re a hardcore fan of all things post-apocalyptic and George Miller releases his first Mad Max film in 30 years? Well, first of all, you attend the movie in full costume, as many fans have done all across the country (and the world).

But if you’re in the heart of Mad Max fan country, Southern California (a status that is thanks, in part, to the massive fan celebration that takes place there each year known as Wasteland Weekend) you look for a place where you can bring your CARS as well as your costumes.

That was the impulse that led to one of the most unique fan screenings in recent memory, the takeover of the Vineland Drive-In by Mad Max fans on May 16th, 2015. Organized by Wasteland Weekend in cooperation with theater staff, several hundred fans showed up in their Mad Max best to watch Fury Road the way one of the film’s war boys would – sitting in and around their cars. Some of the fans brought out custom-made post-apocalyptic machines that could fit right in to the movie, but even the ones revving nothing more than a Prius managed to get into the spirit by coming in costume.

And while wastelanders took up the majority of the spaces at the large drive-in in City Of Industry, CA, the general public was welcome as well, and seemed to enjoy getting their photos taken with the fans and their vehicles. Free Mad Max movie posters were provided to all and Fury Road swag was awarded to some of the best themed vehicles and costumes (all compliments of the film’s distributors Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures).

For most of the fans under 35 it was their first time seeing a Mad Max film on the big screen, in addition to the first time they’d ever been to a drive-in movie; an experience they’re not likely to forget. The staff at the Vineland aren’t likely to forget it either.

The Vineland Drive-In is located in City Of Industry, CA and has been in operation since 1952.

Wasteland Weekend takes place each September in California City, CA.

Tickets are still available at:

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photos by Fantasies Muse Photography and Casey Driver



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