Trading Post 2021: Official Wasteland Weekend Merch!

New Official Merchandise at Wasteland Weekend 2021

The Trading Post, located next to Command Center, is the ONLY place you can get official WW merchandise. Yes, we did do an online store in 2020, but we prefer to do things in person and that was probably a one-time thing. So, if you’re missing a patch for your jacket, or a t-shirt for your collection, this is the place to get it.

Contrary to popular belief, WW is not purely a barter-only event. We, and most of our vendors, absolutely accept cash and card. In fact, the Trading Post ONLY accepts cash or card. And if our internet happens to not be working, cash is king and will get you through the line faster.

This year, we’re offering our classic T-shirt designs in mens and women’s sizes, along with some NEW designs! We also have a limited number of mugs, shot glasses, face masks, and some random collectible items that we won’t be making again, so stop by and take a look.

You can find a price list at the end of this post.



We’ll have a special pick-up-only line set up at the Trading Post for certain items that don’t require a transaction. Like Ten Year Shirts and patches, Vanguard, Wasteland Valley patches, etc.

If you were one of the 2019 Ten Year shirt and patch purchasers who have not yet picked up your items, this is your LAST CHANCE – You have TWO DAYS (Wednesday and Thursday ONLY) to pick those up at the Trading Post. After Thursday, any unclaimed items will be added to our store. Please have your email confirmation/proof of purchase with you to pick up.

This also applies to those who received Vangard status in 2020 (first 300 tickets purchased get a special thank you patch!). We’re rolling it over, so you absolutely get to pick up that patch in 2021.  Please have your email confirmation.

This ALSO includes those awesome 2020 Wasteland Valley patches. If you  purchased a ticket to either to Wasteland Weekend or Neotropolis during 2020, you get one of these. You’ll be able to pick these up at the Trading Post as well. Please have documentation that your ticket purchase was made during 2020. (It can not have been refunded later).

And, if you purchased the NEOTROPOLIS 2020 year chevron, bring it with you, and you can exchange it for a 2022 one! This option will also be available during the physical 2022 NEOTROPOLIS event, so if you forget, it’s ok!



For our 2021 event we present our first official scent collaboration with Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs!

Bring back instant memories from the Party At The End Of The World with Wasteland World from BPAL. Expect notes of desert plants, gasoline, motor oil, skin-warmed leather, exhaust fumes, and dust. Take home a little bottle of Wasteland with a 5ml bottle ($25)

And we have THREE new posters! New patches! A new t-shirt design we’re calling the Tattoo Style (available in brown on tan and white on black)!



Some of your old favorites are back. (Only some examples shown here, there’s more!)



These items are in limited quantities (some of them very limited) and once they’re gone, they’re gone! (Only some examples shown here, there’s more!)


Price List:

WW Shield Patch $7
Chevron patches (years 2010-2021) $4
Rad Skull (glow in the dark!) $7
Wastelanders Ball (male, female) $5
Wasteland Valley Night – $8
Neotropolis N logo patch (comes with year chevron)- $10
Neotropolis Space Ship logo patch (glows in the dark!) $8
Neotropolis Chevron Patch – $3
Neotropolis Bar Patch $6
Cult of 84 Patch $8
Cult of 84 LARGE patch $23 (limited!)

Enamel pins $10 ea (WW shield logo, Rad skull logo, Atomic Cafe)

NEW 2021 WW Art and Music posters $14
Previous years, limited $12
Neotropolis Art poster $14
Neotropolis Bar poster $8

Shotglasses $4 ea
Mason jar mug  (limited) $15
Carabiner mug $14
Neotropolis water bottle $20
WW coffee mug $11
WW travel mug $13
Beer Koozie $4 (hide your non-themed can while you’re walking around Wasteland!)

Vinyl Decal stickers
3 inch (black only) $4
5 inch (black or chrome) $6
7 inch (black or chrome) $8

Dog tag 2021 $4
Dog tag 2018, 2019 (limited) $3 ea
WW Key chain $4.50
WW Broken heart necklace $10
Neotropolis keychain bottle opener $2
Cooling Towel $6
Chrome License Plate frame $20
Scent bottle “Wasteland World” from Black Phoenix Alchemy Labs – 5ml – $25


Tank tops
Red WW logo $23

NEW 2021 Tattoo-style (double sided)  $25
All other styles and sizes $23 (unless otherwise marked)
Awaited red on black
Rad skull
Rad Skull Stealth
Bloody WW shield
2020 Bullets logo
Khaki Shield
Khaki tire tread (double-sided)
Cult of 84 Black
Cult of 84 Vintage white
One of the Mad
WW Flame logo
10 Year Anniversary “concert”-style shirts (double-sided)
On special Friday, Saturday, and Sunday only, while they last.
Each one comes with a free 10 year silver logo patch! – ONLY $20!

Long sleeve shirts
WW Stealth Longsleeve $28
Neotropolis (double-sided) $32

Other items
Hoodie $42
Bandana $12
Baseball hat $17
Facemasks (WW or Neotropolis) $8

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