Music 2012

This year’s Wasteland Weekend will feature DJs as well as live bands, playing both day and night. Local bands, underground and international acts, and a touch of the avant-garde.

JUST ADDED FOR 2012:  In partnership with Dystopian Studios and the Boulet Brothers, we will be featuring DYSTOPIA – the ultimate post-apocalyptic night club.

So in addition to our DJs and bands playing music each night in our regular themed area, you can also get your electronic music fix all weekend long in the adjacent Dystopia mini-compound. Dance until 2:30 a.m. on Thursday and 3:30 a.m. on Friday and Saturday. Click for Full Dystopia info.











The schedule for bands and all other Wasteland entertainment is HERE


At Wasteland 2012, we’ve got a wide range of musical artists to appeal to the broad demographic we pull in from all over the irradiated wastes. And all of our bands are committed to going all-in for the post-apocalyptic theme. Get ready for a music festival unlike any other.

Joining us from Spain… prepare yourselves for the hard electronic noise that is:



Hailing from Los Angeles, Mouth of the Serpent brings a technical and progressive metal assault!


Straight out of the wastelands, this Post-Apocarock band will probably set everything on fire…



They will take you on a cathartic journey from ambience to pounding darkness.


High energy thrash metal from Simi Valley, CA

Quiverbone Facebook page


Electropunk with a little dubstep and a shitload of fun.










Top DJs from California, Nevada, Arizona and beyond will spin a variety of music in the Wasteland.

(more will be listed as they are confirmed)

The music of Wasteland Weekend is an eclectic mix of everything from industrial, to vintage hard rock, to snippets of movie soundtracks. Anything that fits in with the post-apocalyptic, Mad Max vibe.









Franck H-Bomb

Das Bunker. Los Angeles

Dr. Lawless

Underworld Revel. Tucson, AZ








DJ Liquid Sex Drive

Drummer for Dead Hand Projekt
Resident DJ/Promoter for Andromeda
Resident DJ for Club Skandal
Former Resident DJ for Necromance, Reactor, & Foundation

Mrs DJ Liquid SEX Drive