Nuclear Snail crawls to the Wasteland!

August 4th, 2018

If you’ve ever checked Youtube for costuming tips, you’re no doubt familiar with the Nuclear Snail channel – Featuring one of the best-known, most talented post-apocalyptic costumers out there. “Lord Snail” gives a wealth of helpful info, which has been instructing wastelanders for years. Now, he’s finally going to come out and DO IT LIVE!


WHERE/WHEN: Main Stage,
FRI Sept 28th, 12.00-13:30 & SAT Sept 29th, 13:30-15:00

The workshop will be held two times so everyone has a chance to catch at least one session.
Everyone is welcome to visit one or both times, there is no participant limit.

Lord Snail says: “Hey ladies, mutants, and bunker-boys! On this WW I shall hold some special workshops… Or should I say “European Feedback Sessions”?

Here is how it goes: Everyone who’s up for it comes around with their costumes & props and gets them dissed..ehm.. I mean constructively criticised by me LIVE, in front of everyone else who came. This way is common in European art colleges and is excellent for everyone present to learn from everyone’s mistakes & glories as Professor Snail helps you understand in simple terms why something rocks or sucks, and how it could be made better regardless. I will also be picking volunteers from the public and using their costumes as examples of design principles at work. By the end of the sessions each one of you will have a better understanding of art & design basics, backed by practical examples.

I will also briefly touch on general philosophies I find helpful for wasteland costuming.
You will also be able to ask me any other questions you might have.

The atmosphere will be relaxed and full of wastelander love, but at the same time focused on getting as much knowledge crammed into your brain as possible in a very short period of time.

Both beginners and hardened veterans are welcome. I would love to have some veteran costumes on stage that we can talk about and which are not made by me, since it adds variety.

Please note that 1 1/2 h is not a lot of time, and since we count on many people showing up it might be that you do not get your turn on stage. But even if this happens, you will still learn & get inspiration and get some questions answered.

NOTE: the focus of the workshop will NOT be on distressing techniques! While I will open each workshop by BRIEFLY touching on the topic of distressing just so everyone shuts up about it already, there are other workshops on WW this year and tons of other information on that topic.

It is HIGHLY recommended for anyone attending to have watched all the videos on my channel. I will be referring to some of those.
Especially mind this one and others about theory.


And be sure to subscribe to the NUCLEAR SNAIL CHANNEL on Youtube!

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