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THANK YOU to everyone who participated in our first-ever online merchandise sale.
We appreciate your support!



UPDATE 2.2.21
Hey everyone – We were working hard over the past weekend packing and shipping your orders!
Many of you have already received your tracking numbers and some even have their packages in hand already. More to come. If you don’t have a tracking number yet, you are not alone, so don’t worry. We have a lot of orders still to get through, so please be patient over the next 1-2 weeks.

About the delay – If you ordered during the online sale, you probably got some of the emails we sent out to customers over the last few of months. Long story short, a couple of our product suppliers kept promising our stuff was on the way when it wasn’t. Items took MONTHS longer for us to receive than they were supposed to and we may not be working with certain suppliers in the future. Now, we have just about everything in hand and can fill nearly all orders and we’ll be going through them as fast as we can.

However, due to Los Angeles county being the national epicenter of Covid, we are being very careful about how we do this and we are working with just a few of us, outdoors, with masks, etc.. It hasn’t been all that easy doing our first ever online merchandise sale, but the big response helped us limp through 2020 and be able to look forward to more WW events. And it’s great to be able to deliver some mementos of the Wasteland World to you in your own homes. We pack everything ourselves and it’s fun to see so many familiar names as we box up your orders.

Thanks again!

UPDATE: 12.9.20

Hey Wastelanders,

We know it’s been a while. We want you to know that the merchandise you all ordered is nearly ready to send out.

Unfortunately, some of the key items have been taking longer than our manufacturers had promised. Specifically, some of the t-shirts, and most of the patches have been delayed. Everything else is ready. The problem is, nearly every order has patches in it, so that’s a big issue.

We expect to have all of the t-shirts in by next week and have been told we will get the patches by then too (fingers crossed). Our current plan is to start packing some of the orders this weekend for shipping out on Monday December 14th. And then hopefully have everything else packed up the weekend of the 19th and 20th, for shipping out on Monday December 21st. The system we are using will automatically send you an email with your tracking number as soon as your package is shipped.

As you may have heard, there are shipping delays all across the country due to the unprecedented amount of online shopping being done during this pandemic-impacted holiday season. We are doing our very best to get you these items as soon as we can, and we sincerely apologize for the delay.

The good news is that the new Wasteland and Neotropolis merch items we’ve been getting in are really cool, and we think you’ll be very happy with the quality of everything once you have it in hand.

Thank you again for supporting us during this difficult off-season and we look forward to seeing you all again in person in what we are hopeful will be a far better 2021.


We are in the process of ordering items from the suppliers to fulfill your orders. You will receive an email with a tracking number once your package ships.

We will post some updates when we have items in hand and have started the fulfillment process. We will leave this store page up for information purposes, but all orders are closed.


Like most online stores, the Square online system does not allow us to add to or modify orders, but we can change your shipping address if there is a mistake on it and you contact us far enough in advance:
(When you email us, please put “online order” and your order # in the subject line)

Wasteland announces our first ever online merchandise sale!

UPDATE: Time limit extended – NOW OPEN through October 5th, 2020!



You are buying PRE-SALE items that will take weeks to ship to you and there are NO REFUNDS.

You’ve asked us for this for years, and we finally have the time to do it. And with our events postponed until 2021, we’re not too proud to say that this is a struggle for us to keep things going, so the WW community buying some swag could help tremendously.

For a very limited time, you can get all of the Wasteland (and Neotropolis!) merchandise you want without waiting in line at our events. Even better, we’re doing this sale in such a way that we won’t sell out of those items you really want. Some of these items will ONLY be available during this exclusive online sale!

This may be different from other online sales you are used to. This is going to be a PRE-ORDER sale. And it will only be available for a LIMITED time.


Basically, orders will be open for a VERY limited time – ONLY UNTIL OCTOBER 5th, 2020. That means, you have between now and midnight on the 5th to place your order. That’s it. As of October 6th, orders are closed. So set yourself and your tribemates a reminder, because if you miss the order cut-off, there’s nothing we can do. And who knows if we’ll ever do one of these again.

The orders you place during that time are pre-orders (except for a handful of items that will be specified as limited). There are some plusses and minuses to this system:

On the minus side:

  • It means you have to wait a while to get your items, because we won’t be ordering them from the manufacturer until after orders close.
  • There is a chance that some items will not receive the minimum number of orders to be manufactured. If that is the case, you will receive a refund for those particular items within a few days after the sales period ends.

But on the plus side:

  • Items CAN’T SELL OUT! (With the exception of a few limited items, which will be labeled as such).
  • Basically if you order it, you get it! We will order as many made as we have orders for. (Finally, no sold out chevron patches!)
  • We can bring back many previous items, including a second run on some t-shirt designs we haven’t had in years (our biggest selection ever!).
  • We can take a chance on some new products we’ve never offered before (and might never offer again), without risking a lot of unsold merch. Because if we don’t reach a certain minimum, we just won’t order them.


We do have a small amount of some of our older items in storage that we do not plan to re-order. These are the only items that might sell out and they will be specially noted as “limited” in the online store (don’t worry, there are just a few of these and they don’t include some of our most popular items like the chevron patches). Obviously, if one of the items your ordered ends up not being available, we’ll refund you for that item.


When will you get your stuff and how much will it cost?

All merchandise will go into production once the sale is complete, but some items could take up to 6 weeks or so to arrive to us from the factory, and then we’ll need time to ship them to you. That means we expect to start shipping everything around mid-November. (Possibly sooner on certain items).
Bottom line, we should have no trouble getting everything to you before Christmas.

ALL orders will have a flat shipping fee of $10.

That’s right, even if you put in a huge order, you only pay $10 total to ship it all.

  • You’ll initially see a flat rate shipping of $50 if you don’t have at least $30 worth of stuff in your cart. Don’t worry, just meet the minimum $30 and it will drop to $10 for shipping. This is a workaround we had to do with the Square checkout system. I mean, if you REALLY want to buy less than $30 worth of stuff and pay $50 shipping for the privilege, I guess that’s up to you…


There will be a $30 minimum for all orders.

Why? Because it would be a huge pain in the ass to to ship out a few hundred individual dog tags (for example). Also, we figure some tribes / groups of friends might decide to pool their orders together. It saves you money because of the $10 flat rate shipping, and it makes our lives easier.

(There isn’t an easy way to do a minimum order in the online store (using Square) so we have it set up that anything under $30 will cost you $50 flat rate shipping.


Sorry, but we just can’t ship anything outside the U.S. for this sale. All of our orders will require tracking and insurance and it’s just too hard to track and insure items sent outside the country, guarantee their won’t be customs issues etc.. We love our Wastelanders across the salt, but the only thing we can suggest is that maybe someone from the U.S. Wasteland community would be willing to order something on your behalf.


We will not be doing returns or exchanges for sizes.

Our shirts are modern slim-fit (usually Hanes Nano-T for men and Bella brand for women) so be sure to order up a size if you prefer a looser, more traditional fit shirt.

While the best advice is simply to order a size larger if you don’t like a slim fit shirt, here are some measurement examples from these shirts that may help you make an informed buying choice.

(Note, these measurements were our best approximation, measured flat. They were done using some older shirts from these brands and were submitted by fellow Wastelanders since we don’t currently have these shirts in stock, so they should be taken as a general guide only.

We intend to add more measurements as quickly as we get them, but we don’t expect to have them all before the sale ends. When in doubt, order a size larger. Or if you tend to find shirts too small more often than not, or like a roomy shirt, order TWO sizes larger.

Hanes Nano MENS shirts:

M: 17.5” shoulder to shoulder

20” pit to pit

L: 18” shoulder to shoulder

21.5” pit to pit

2XL: 20” shoulder to shoulder

26” pit to pit

Bella Canvas WOMENS shirts:

S: 12.5” or 13” shoulder to shoulder

16” pit to pit

M: 13” shoulder to shoulder

17” pit to pit

L: 15.5” shoulder to shoulder

21” pit to pit


We will only be able to do returns or exchanges under very limited circumstances. For example: If you receive an item that is damaged or defective. Or we just mess up and send you the wrong thing altogether. But we won’t be able to do refunds or exchanges simply because you changed your mind, or ordered the wrong size of a shirt. We will do our best to list very accurate clothing sizes (like letting you know if they fit true to size or a little small etc.) so please read descriptions carefully before you order.


We know that a lot of you forgot to pick these up on site after you pre-paid for them. And a handful of you had issues with your orders when you did try to pick them up in person.

Therefore, we will do our best to accommodate you with these (and get them out of our storage!) by sending them along with your order. You’ll still need to meet the minimum $30 order of new merchandise, but once you have, you can give us your documentation for the Ten Year shirts and patches you’re owed, and we’ll include those for no additional shipping charge.

If you have any questions NOT answered above about this sale, please contact us at

Photo by Thomas Kerns
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