The World’s Largest Post-Apocalyptic Festival

Mad Max Fans Take Over L.A.’s last Drive-In for Fury Road

May 17th, 2015 Mad Max Fans Take Over L.A.’s last Drive-In for Fury Road So what do you do when you’re a hardcore fan of all things post-apocalyptic and George Miller releases his first Mad Max film in 30 years? Well, first of all, you attend the movie in full costume, as many fans have done all across the country …

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Featured Costume Maker: Dimitri Zaitsev

In the fall of 1998, I was a thirteen year old kid with a penchant for science-fiction, living in the suburbs of Moscow. I remember buying my first badly translated copy of Fallout-2 and putting the CD into my brand-new Pentium-1 computer. Long story short, it has changed my life forever. The apocalypse just got hard-coded into my heart I …

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Toast To The End Of The World At the Atomic Café

A Toast To The End Of The World The ultimate post-apocalyptic backyard bar                 The apocalypse seems to be on everyone’s minds these days. Whether it’s a Mayan countdown, an economic meltdown, or a zombie hoedown, people are prepping for it, stressing about it, or watching movies about it. There are countless books …

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Perish’s Studio 69 – Warriors & Goddesses Party

Wasteland is partnering with Perish's Studio 69 for a huge Mad Max-themed Hollywood party. "Warriors and Goddesses" is one of the largest post-apocalyptic-themed events of year, with hundreds attending in costume.

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