Performer Comps

As many Wastelanders know, Wasteland Weekend recently made a massive investment in private property to hold the event on. This was necessary to do in order to continue the event into the future (not just as it grows, but even at the size it had already reached).
Along with the land purchase came a very large number of other expenses, many of which are ongoing. They include improvements to the property and the roads, paying annual county fees, payments to law enforcement and fire, just to name a few.

Additionally, at the price of our tickets (approx $225 as of 2021) it was longer feasible to give all performers comped tickets to a five day event for what sometimes is a limited amount of performance (For some of the larger performance groups, that could represent as much as $3,000 in ticket compensation given out just for one or two performances). Multiply that by all the performers we bring out, and you start to see the position we find ourselves in.

We absolutely value the entertainment that our amazing performers bring out year after year. We want them to feel welcome and appreciated at our event. We will continue to do our best to make them feel like their Wasteland experience was more than worthwhile, both on and off stage, while also taking the steps we need to to make sure Wasteland can continue to function for years to come.

Wasteland Weekend