We want everyone’s experience at our events to be as safe and enjoyable as possible. Our primary focus for our limited resources is the security at our events themselves, but where possible, we also try to help create a safe and enjoyable online experience on our official social media channels, free from harassment, hate speech, or abuse.

If you are at Wasteland Weekend and have a current medical or security emergency, please go to the medical or security tents.

We also have emergency stations placed around the event that have a radio (and instructions) for calling for help. You can find them on our event layout map as blue stars, on the cross streets of Damnaiton Alley.

Look for a tall pole with a blue light on them.

Medical, located on the corner of Appian Way and Thunder Road on the map, has a tall pole with a lit red medical cross symbol at night. Security is located directly across Appian Way.

Or you can find any staff member or volunteer with a radio/walkie-talkie and have them call medical or security for you.

Should you need to report any security issues from our events or on our social media channels (when you are NOT currently AT one of our events), please use this form:


For non-emergency inquiries not directly related to a specific security incident, you can email:

Please review our CODE OF CONDUCT

Wasteland Weekend