Jared ButlerJared Butler

Event Director

Voiceover actor, writer, and TV producer, Jared co-founded Wasteland Weekend in 2010. As co-owner of Wasteland World Inc. and Wasteland Weekend’s overall event director, Jared is involved with numerous aspects of the event, including creative planning, entertainment, policies, marketing and promotion, and public relations.

Adam ChilsonAdam Chilson

Art Director & Chief of Operations

Photographer, published author, and eccentric, Adam is a passionate supporter for building a better apocalypse. As co-owner Wasteland World Inc. and Wasteland Weekend’s Chief of Operations, Adam manages off-season construction, layout design, logistics, installation and dismantle, tribe support and placement, and general production for Wasteland Weekend.

Nyx ValentineHeadshot - Nyx Valentine

Check-In Manager

Oversees the check-in process for the event.

Headshot - Daniel HaarlammertDaniel Haarlammert

Security Manager

Manages on-site security.


Michael Cint

Medical Services Manager

Manages the on-site medical team during the event.

Headshot - Tim Cottage

Tim Cottage

Production Manager

Organizes off-season and onsite build crews, responsible for logistics, setup, teardown, and general construction of Wasteland City.

Sckitzo von IzzenHeadshot - Sckitzo von Izzen

Tribe Manager

Handles approval and placement for fully-themed camps, as well as tribe submissions and general tribe questions.

Miranda (Nomad) von Stockhausen

Tribe Development Manager

Works as a liaison between event staff and the greater Wasteland community (including the many tribes), and serves as point of contact for questions, concerns, and new creative ideas that come from grassroots.

Jen (Winter) HarteHeadshot - Jen Harte

Vendor Manager

Manager of the Wasteland Weekend Trading Post on site, and handles all vendor applications, approval, and placement.

JR Morrow

Command Center Manager

Oversees the onsite operations center, communications hub, and volunteer activities at Wasteland Weekend.

Bret (Critical Biggz) Rood

Graphic Design Director


David (Stykz) Heckley

Chief Of Logistics

Stykz makes the big things move around to and from and at the event.

Jennifer Addams

Volunteer Coordinator

Handles the recruitment event volunteers.

Shannon (Boom) Lay

Performer Coordinator

Helps recruit and manage event performers.