The Boulet Bros Return To Wasteland Weekend

The Boulet Brothers are coming back to the Wasteland!

The famous (infamous?) Hollywood club impresarios will bring their signature style to the desert as they host this year’s Wasteland Fashion Show and Style Awards.

MartaPetrucci2 Boulet Brothers Bros portrait

The Wasteland Fashion Show (held Friday evening) showcases what all of the best-dressed marauders and best-equipped scavengers will be wearing after all the GAP stores are turned to ash. It’s also an opportunity for the many Bartertown vendors to show off the clothes, weapons, and accessories that they have for sale.

The Wasteland Style Awards (held late Saturday afternoon) are nothing less than the world’s greatest post-apocalyptic costume contest, with categories for original creations as well as outfits modeled after existing films and video games.
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The Boulet Bros are the well-known duo behind Black Unicorn and Miss Kitty’s Parlor. This will be their third Wasteland appearance.
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