The car show at Wasteland Weekend 2018

(This is not to be confused with the standalone Wasteland World Car show that we have in Los Angeles)

2018 Car Show at Wasteland Weekend
Friday, September 28th 2:00 – 5:00

This show will include car/trucks and motorcycles.
(Mini bikes & puddle jumpers will be at a separate time – to be announced)

This is a gathering of some of the greatest post-apocalyptic vehicles in the world!
(Sorry, you have to have a Wasteland Weekend ticket to see this, no outside spectators).
There is no pre-registration for this, so if you have a post-apocalyptic vehicle you want to enter into the show, bring it out to the show area and park it. This is ONLY for post-apocalyptic-themed vehicles. The staff may use their discretion to determine if your vehicle is in-theme for the show and insufficiently-themed vehicles will be turned away.
Vehicles that have previously won awards at Wasteland Weekend are not eligible for competition but may be put on display (we encourage you to show off your old trophy if you have it!)

Award Categories –
▪Best in show (car/truck)
▪Battle ready (car/truck)
▪Survivor (car/truck)
▪Best Replica
▪Best in show (Motorcycle)
▪Battle ready (Motorcycle)
▪Survivor (Motorcycle)
▪ Roll in Roll out (best street legal)
▪Black Thumb (Most technical build)
▪Most  Ridiculous
▪Best air cooled

This will last several hours so feel free to bring snacks & beverages (and maybe an umbrella if you want some personal shade).

This will take place behind the main stage. Vehicle owners as well as general attendees are welcome to take a look and get to know these vehicles. If you are bringing your vehicle out to the show, please pay attention to the staff for placement.

Here is the MAP:

(Map will also be posted at Dauntless Express Event Board on main street in Wasteland City)

Please maintain the event’s 5 MPH speed limit entering & existing the show

There is no car cruise associated with this show. The car cruise will be on Saturday afternoon ONLY this year and more info on that is coming soon in a separate post.