The Fallout Universe and Wasteland Weekend

By now, chances are you’ve seen the first teaser for Prime Video’s upcoming “Fallout” television series based on Bethesda’s hugely popular video game of the same name. Because that franchise is so well known, it leads to a lot of theme questions we get.

While we do have some strict rules when it comes to staying in-theme at our events, certain aspects of the Fallout universe have been included at Wasteland Weekend since our very first year in 2010!

So, Are Fallout Costumes and Camps Allowed?

The answer is- it depends. Fallout is a game that has many aspects that DO fit our theme, and some that don’t. Just because we allow one aspect of Fallout does not mean we allow ALL of it. We’re all about the dirty, grounded, low-tech apocalypse, and not so much the fantasy, supernatural, or shiny high-tech stuff. Our official event theme comes first (remember we’re all in the same movie world).

Some specific examples: Vault suits are allowed, but we want that traveled-the-Wasteland-look as opposed to living-safe-and-secure-in-your-Vault. Raiders are encouraged, but folks like the Brotherhood of Steel and Institute really aren’t appropriate. (Most of their costumes, anyway)

On the topic of Deathclaws, Ghouls, and other more monster-like creatures, they are not in theme. Radiation burns/scarring is in theme, but zombies are not.

Both the NCR and Legion are present at the event already, and contribute to the overall theme. But the Tribes focusing on these themes avoid the costume styles that don’t mesh. Pip Boy wrist computers aren’t perfectly in-theme for our event due to being more “advanced technology,” but we have been making an exception for them since 2010, and we will continue to do so.
(After all, they are pretty small.)

You’ll probably see Vault Trucks around the event, too!

So there you go. Fallout has been present at our event since the beginning. You just have to make it work within our theme. Tickets for Wasteland Weekend 2024 will go on sale sometime in May. Our next fully immersive themed event Neotropolis takes place in April 2024, tickets for that are on sale now.

If you haven’t seen the teaser for Prime Video’s “Fallout” yet, here it is.

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