The Tribes of Wasteland Weekend

Wasteland Weekend is going into its third year and has become the world’s biggest post-apocalyptic party. The world’s biggest SOLELY post-apocalyptic party, that is. Because at Wasteland, you must wear a post-nuke-friendly outfit at all times. No bystanders, no spectators. In addition to those that go solo just to soak in all of the Mad Max craziness (bands, DJs, stunt performers, modified cars, fire performers, burlesque dancers, etc.) more and more attendees are forming tribes. A tribe caravans to the event together, creates their own signature theme,  and often their own post-apocalyptic campsite, and vehicle(s). Tribes have begun forming all over the U.S. (and beyond) based on anything from a characteristic style from a particular geographical location (like this Las Vegas-based tribe), to their own strange fictional back story, to replica themes (tribes based on the Fallout game series, or cult films like Blood Of Heroes for example).

The apocalypse hasn’t happened yet, so we can’t call them reenactors. Maybe they’re preenactors?

Here is a look back at some of the tribes of Wasteland Weekend 2011. These and more tribes are already expanding and planning for an even bigger showing at Wasteland 2012.
Exclusive Photos by Adam Chilson

Dukes of the Nuke

Dystopian Militia

Legio X

New California Republic

Petro Pirates

Road Rash

The Annex

The Brigade and The Brewzers

The Last Chancers