The Wasteland Style Guide

THIS IS AN OLD POST – If you want the latest on what to wear at Wasteland, please consult our current THEME GUIDE.

Wasteland Weekend has a post-apocalyptic dress code. We require that you wear something that fits the theme for the entire time you are at the event. But what exactly should you wear? The post-apocalypse is a pretty broad concept when it comes to clothing. That’s where this guide comes in.

If you just want some visuals, check out our costume idea gallery on Pinterest. And we’ll add to it from time to time.


Want to know more?

Well, we can boil it all down to our fundamental theme concept and our 2 simple rules here on our Theme page.

If you want a more detailed style overview, including specific tips on creating an outfit, check out our Costuming 101 page. Or some of the posts we’ve featured from veteran costumers (here, here, here, and here).

Look, we’re not here to say someone’s style is lame, or their costume sucks compared to someone else’s. We appreciate all different kinds of outfits. But at Wasteland, the illusion and the immersion goes way up for everyone when we’re all out there looking like we’re part of the same general world. (Albeit a multi-faceted and multicultural one).

So don’t stress too much about what to wear. Many of the examples we suggest can be done very simply and very cheaply. We just ask that you make a minimal effort not to spoil the Wasteland illusion for everyone else by coming out in your street clothes, or something that really splits away from the theme.

And if you get to the event and feel like you want to spruce up your look, don’t worry, we have a lot of great vendors selling post-apocalyptic clothing and accessories.

*We also have the Wasteland Body Shop, where you can get your hair done (mohawks mostly) and get some free body/face paint.