The World’s Greatest Gathering of Post-Apocalyptic Vehicles

Wasteland Weekend is well established as the most amazing gathering of post-apocalyptic cars EVER!

We’ve got them coming in from all across the country (and even OTHER countries!)

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You’ll see old fan-favorites as well as cars making their Wasteland Weekend debut. Here are just some of the machines you can expect to see tearing up the desert:

The Humungus Machine (the first replica of this iconic Mad Max car ever made!)


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The Monstr Carlo (winner of best car at Wasteland 2012)


The Mutie Beauty (best Wasteland car 2013)


The one that started it all, the last of the V8 Interceptor’s… Mad Max’s Pursuit Special (replica built on an actual vintage Australian Ford Falcon)


WW 2015 will be one of the largest gatherings of screen-accurate Mad Max movie cars ever – some of which we can’t even reveal yet!


(Too many to show them all here.  You’ll just have to be there!)

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