Tickets to Wasteland Weekend 2023 will go on sale in the spring.


September 27th –  October 1st 2023

That’s FIVE days of post-apocalyptic mayhem!

*If you are interested in volunteering, read below or just go to our VOLUNTEERS page


Go on sale spring 2023


2022 ticket prices were $395

Tickets will be offered in multiple price tiers, depending how early you buy them.
All tier tickets are the same except for price (the higher price tickets are not VIP or anything, they just mean you bought after a certain date).

Tier 1 (aka early bird tickets)


Tier 2 (starts July 1st)


Tier 3 (starts August 1st)


Tier 4 (starts September 1st)


Major credit cards accepted.


Ticket includes parking, camping, and unlimited ins and outs. Tickets are PER-PERSON, not per carload or per camp. No extra charge for RVs.

(If you want to know why ticket prices have increased for 2022, you can read more below)

COVID: An update to our health & safety admissions policy

For Wasteland Weekend 2022 we have updated our Covid policy to require that all attendees present EITHER a negative Covid test or proof of vaccination for admittance. 

For clarification, you will need proof of completion of full vaccination with a COVID-19 vaccine approved or authorized for emergency use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or World Health Organization (WHO) for admission. This means two shots if it was Pfizer or Moderna, and one shot if it was J&J. Boosters are highly recommended, but not required for entry.


Proof of a negative test: Either an antigen or PCR COVID-19 test administered by a medical provider not more than 72 hours before arriving at the event, or a rapid test taken on site before entry.
For all of the specifics on our Covid-related health and safety policy, please go HERE:
Wasteland Weekend Health & Safety Policy Re: COVID for 2022


Our location is the same since 2017. For more details, including important travel instructions, please see our MAPS page here.


Volunteer applications will open very soon! We understand that people may be concerned about buying their ticket at the lowest possible price while waiting to hear back on their volunteer application. Just as we have done in the past, if you put in a volunteer application and do not ultimately get selected, you WILL be allowed to purchase a ticket at whatever the tier price was when you submitted your volunteer app. You do not need to buy your tickets if you plan to volunteer.

Performers & Vendors – Applications should be open this weekend!

Wasteland Weekend 2022 ticket price increase:

Because of steeply rising costs for nearly all of our expenses, we were faced with a difficult decision – Raise ticket prices significantly for 2022 (and still not cover all of our cost increases) or stop doing Wasteland events completely. We have chosen to keep going.

Nearly all of you are probably aware by now of various increased costs due to Covid, supply chain issues, and inflation. Well, in our business, we have been hit pretty hard. We’re not talking about 7% or 10% cost increases here. We’re talking 50%, 100%, even 200% or more for certain expenses. There is no way for us to increase ticket prices enough to cover all of it, but we’re going to try and cover some of it, and just keep going, hoping that the coming year may see some of these costs start to normalize.

We know we are not the only business facing this issue, and live events have been hit particularly hard. Just to give a few examples, some of our biggest expenses like insurance, building materials, and shipping have literally doubled (with some key building materials even quadrupling in price over the past year). Other costs have gone up more than 50%. Some raw building supplies we can’t get at all, even if we pay the higher price. And of course you all know about the gas and diesel price increases, something that hits us pretty hard given that we truck everything out to site and back each time and run power from generators.

You will likely see similar or higher price increases from other live events this year, if you haven’t already.

And it’s worth mentioning that we are sticking to our policy of NOT doing big additional charges for camping, parking, RVs, or any of the other usual add-ons that other events have. Your one ticket purchase for Wasteland basically covers it all.

Bottom line, we will make less per ticket than we have over the last few years, even at these prices. We are doing price tiers because getting funds in sooner allows for us to put that money into the event easier and plan our budget to deliver more for our attendees.

We appreciate your support as we try to keep the Wasteland alive during this difficult period.



Continuing a tradition, the first 300 ticket buyers this year will receive a free exclusive patch. Patches MUST be picked up on site at the event.

The patch has a crescent shaped patch (rocker) beneath it. You receive the patch and the rocker if it is your first time receiving the vanguard patch. If you already have the vanguard patch from previous years, you will just receive the rocker.

Please note, if you end up volunteering rather than paying for a ticket, you will not receive a patch. Patches are meant for early ticket buyers only, as volunteers already get an exclusive volunteer dog tag.

First 300 patches go to the first 300 ticket buyers. If a ticket is later sold or transferred to someone else, the original buyer still gets the patch. Patch owners will be determined by the names currently listed for each ticket at the time the 300 number is reached – most likely on the first day of ticket sales. Patch winners will be notified within a couple days of ticket sales that they are on the list, with instructions for on-site pickup.

                                                                             2018 Vanguard patch set shown for reference






We highly recommend you only purchase your tickets to Wasteland Weekend through our official ticket portal on our website or directly on the Growtix website. We cannot guarantee that tickets purchased any other way will be valid. However, we do not prohibit ticket buyers from giving or selling their tickets on to others (provided that they sell them for no more than what they paid – see the info on scams and scalping below).

What to know before you purchase a third-party ticket: 

1. YOU BUY THIRD-PARTY TICKETS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Wasteland is a non-refundable event. 

Ticket scams online have gotten worse and worse, especially on Facebook event pages and we highly recommend you only buy tickets through this site or through Growtix, and if you do choose to buy a second-hand/third-party ticket, make sure you KNOW the seller. If you don’t have any mutual friends with that person, and they don’t appear to be from the Wasteland community, we STRONGLY suggest you do not purchase from them. In fact, even if you DO have mutual friends with a seller, use caution. Again, if your ticket is determined to be invalid for any reason, and you did not buy it directly from us/Growtix, we can’t help you.
You do NOT want to be the person who drives 2,000 miles 
ready for a 5-day campout, only to find out at the gate that their ticket is no good.
All of that said, we do not prohibit buyers from selling or giving their ticket on to someone else. However, you are buying and selling third party tickets at your own risk. Wasteland cannot check to see if third party tickets are legitimate, cannot verify them for you, cannot help change you change the name on a 3rd party ticket, or mediate between parties who have a disagreement over a ticket sale.

2. The original ticket buyer maintains control over the ticket until it is used. 

This means that the original ticket buyer is the only one that can change the name on the ticket – ever (think of them as the “admin” of that ticket). No matter how many times the original ticket email with QR and bar code is passed around, the original buyer can still change the name on the ticket in the Growtix system. There is nothing to prevent a ticket buyer from “selling” you their ticket and then showing up at the event and using the ticket themselves (provided the QR code has not been scanned yet). So make sure you TRUST the person selling you their ticket.

3. The QR code IS the ticket.

Each ticket has a unique bar code and QR code. The QR code is the part we actually scan. Once the QR code for that ticket has been scanned, that ticket CANNOT be used again.  NAMES ON TICKETS DO NOT NEED TO MATCH ID. It’s all about the QR code (we check IDs in order to verify age, not to match with a ticket). Again – If someone has a ticket with a working QR code, they can get in to the event whether or not their name is on the ticket. Each QR code can only be used once. Never share a photo of your ticket online with the QR code visible. This would make it easy for someone to counterfeit your ticket.

Regardless of what name is on your ticket, make sure that you have your own valid, government-issued photo ID with you when you arrive. You will not get in without one (this is for age verification and liability, not because it has to match your ticket). You will NOT be allowed in without a valid, government-issued photo ID (drivers license, passport, military ID). If you just drove 3,000 miles without your valid ID, you’re driving 3,000 miles back. Sorry.

If this is confusing, we’ll give you an example. Let’s say John buys a ticket and later sells it it to Jane. He goes into the Growtix system and puts Jane’s name on the ticket. Later, Jane can’t get off work and wants to give her ticket to her friend Sam instead. Jane asks John to change the name on the ticket again, this time, to “Sam”. John doesn’t respond but Jane emails Sam a copy of her ticket so he can use it anyway. 

Let’s assume all three of these people decide, for whatever reason, to show up to Wasteland and try to use the ticket they they all now have a copy of. Who gets to use the ticket? Who gets in to the event? 

The answer: The first person who gets that unique QR code scanned. After that, the ticket cannot be used again.

Frankly, this is how pretty much every other large festival or concert operates when it comes to tickets.

Even with all of the above you should know that we have had many people give tickets to others to use with no issue, and we hope that, if you choose to go the third-party route (which may be very common once the event sells out) you will probably not have any issues whatsoever. We do believe most of our attendees are trustworthy sellers of tickets. But unfortunately, if for some reason your ticket does not work out for you when you arrive, we will not be able to help you if you were not the original purchaser.

Finally, if anyone out there thinks that this may present an opportunity to scam someone, be aware that it is VERY easy for us to track fraud like that within the Growtix system, and there will be consequences if it ever happens.

A note about SCALPING: Selling a ticket for more than its value (scalping) is illegal in the state of California and it is definitely frowned upon by the Wasteland community. Anyone known to have sold a ticket to Wasteland Weekend for more than the face value of a ticket plus fees may find themselves banned from future Wasteland events.

Wasteland Weekend