Wasteland Weekend is the great gathering of tribes. A place where all factions, gangs, and fractured remnants of society come together on neutral ground to trade, barter, make new alliances, and PARTY!

What is a Tribe?

A tribe is a group of Wastelanders with a shared identity and story. Individuals who have come together, and go all out with coordinated costumes, a group identity, themed encampments and/or vehicles. Some tribes are as small as 4 or five members, while others are thirty or forty members strong.

Do I need to join a tribe, or can I just attend Wasteland solo?

Come solo, with a few friends, or whatever suits you. Joining a tribe can make the Wasteland experience much more enriching, and be a great benefit to groups with with cohesive ideas and vision. Tribe membership is not a requirement. If you’re interested in joining up with an existing tribe, check out our official facebook group Wastelander Central. There are usually tribes looking for new members

How do we form a tribe?

Chances are you’re already attending Wasteland with a group of friends. Start there. Think about what influences your vision of a post-apocalyptic world, and how you might survive in it. Movies, literature, video games, all shape how we view life after the fall of civilization. A brainstorming session with your future tribe mates is the perfect beginning to a post-apocalyptic tribe. Be sure to review the official THEME rules to make sure what you want to do will be allowed at the event.

Do we need to register our tribe?

No. You are free to form a tribe, and buy tickets to attend Wasteland Weekend without official approval. No application, no paperwork needed other than event tickets- just form your own (or join) a post-apocalyptic themed tribe. But, the Tribes that want to be in the Theme Zone and placed on the official event map, and get permission to set up early must apply.
Interested? Read more (and apply!) HERE.

Can tribes arrive early at Wasteland?

No. Tribes do not automatically receive early access to the event. Like individuals and general attendees, tribes may arrive at the official opening time and date.

Can my tribe get placed or reserve space before Wasteland?

Only if you are an approved Theme Zone tribes will you be eligible for placement.

Got questions or an idea you want to bounce off us?

Feel free to reach out to our Tribes team at

Theme Zone applications for Wasteland Weekend 2024 are open!

We’ll do our best to review them each week so that we can get back to you as quickly as possible. Please make sure you have good photos of your camps frontage both daytime and nighttime (we need to see how you are lighting your frontage at night).

Please do not submit your apps until they are complete with your final, best photos uploaded. Include good, clear descriptions of the activity your tribe is offering. Also, a rough idea of your during-event schedule. (We’re not so concerned about the minutia of times, but rather knowing how many times a day or during the week “X” happens, showing how active your tribe is.)


You can apply here.

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