Location: California City

Wasteland Weekend will be returning to H Park in California City.

Don’t let the name fool you. There are no trees, swings, or green grass in H Park – just an old concrete ruin and desert. It’s a desolate 20-acre parcel with no physical boundaries to differentiate it from the miles of open desert all around it.

Directions to the site appear on the Maps page or by searching on Google Maps for “35.1933014 -117.7133947” (Note: street view is available for the paved road nearby. Please disregard any streets grids in the area as they are simply dirt roads in an undeveloped desert).

Why We Prefer California City

California City is our preferred location for many reasons (some may remember our previous plans for Soggy Dry Lake).

It is less dusty and windy than Soggy Dry Lake (Cuddeback Dry Lake is huge and a few miles east for those who MUST drive on a dry lake).

The ground in California City is such that it soaks up rain (no puddles) and does not turn into mud (we don’t anticipate any rain in September).

California City officials are friendly, and the permitting process is fast. It is a local government, not a federal agency.

California City has no issues with live bands (the Bureau of Land Management has banned bands in all southern California regions).

Instead of a dry lake, there is a long, barren paved road (20 Mule Team Parkway) and an immense grid of dirt roads that stretches out for miles (you must acquire a California City OHV permit for ATV’s and dirtbikes if you plan to explore).

As far as access, the dirt roads are outstanding, and most of you will only need to drive on them for just a mere mile and a half to reach the new site.

As far as proximity to major cities, H Park is only 2 hours from Burbank.

Cell phones enjoy great reception in this area of California City. The closest hotels are in Mojave and Boron – both 32 miles away (about an hour drive).

H Park