Bartertown – Vendors of the Wastes

Shop the bizarre bazaar that is Bartertown!

At Wasteland Weekend, you can peruse some of the most unique products from around the country and around the world! Our vendors are concentrated in Bartertown, just off Main Street outside the gates of Wasteland City. They take old world cash and credit cards (most of them) and yes, some of them ARE willing to barter.

We also have a designated barter-only area at the end of vendors row where anyone can try to trade some goods.

(No money transactions are allowed unless you are an approved vendor for the event, and this will be enforced. You can see more info about that on our RULES page – #24)

If you are looking for info on our food vendors, go HERE.

In Bartertown you can ship for post-apocalyptic-themed items of all kinds, from clothing, to prop weapons, to real camping gear, to one-of-a-kind art creations.

Here is a selection of some of our vendors for 2022!

Wasted Couture
(Coming to the Wasteland all the way from Poland!)
WASTED COUTURE is a lifestyle which combines rebelling against the routine and mediocrity in daily life – and the post-apocalyptic vision, where every scrap of material can become a priceless expression of one’s own style.


Alchemykraft has handmade jewelry, costume items and oddities to fulfill your deepest dystopian dreams. Transforming trash and industrial chemicals into treasure since the 20th century.

Midnight Mercenary Supply
Midnight  Mercenary Supply…Your one stop shop for all your post apocolyptic needs…. Find us on Main Street….We barter!

Abex Armory – Leather, Fur, Skins, and Metal. The clothing and tools you need to survive the after times in style and comfort.
pre-orders and custom designs

Mind Over Hatter is a Los Angeles-based fashion brand that creates postapocalyptic-inspired & alternative wear. We design and craft eco-friendly apparel, jewelry, and accessories, with emphasis on hats. We specialize in distressed wear, repurposing leftovers and discarded materials, working with found objects, ethically-sourced animal bones, and other unconventional resources.

We believe in keeping fashion green and minimizing our production footprint, while providing quality items and a fun fashion experience. We tell stories through the art of fashion, bringing to life one-of-a-kind pieces for folks who are adventurous and keen on expressing their unique personality through fashion and style. Each piece is handmade and has its own character and purpose in the Mind Over Hatter universe.

Check out our website at !

Feral Hag
Feral Hag
Handmade jewelry from bones, bullets, leather and electroformed nature. AND MORE!
I AM DEADLY (Masuimi Max)

Masuimi Max brings you creations that are colorful yet dark & wonderfully frightening! Collectible Curiosities, Creative Collaborations, and Curated Collections.

Check out the website at

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