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Pretty much everything you need to know about Wasteland Weekend can be found here on our website. Including FAQs, maps, style guides, entertainment announcements, etc.

But for those of you who just want a fun way to get the basics (or who want to see some more footage from the 2011 event), we present:

How To Survive The Apocalypse At Wasteland Weekend. A multipart series of short videos from Ren Robot Productions. 

You can click on the icons at the end of each video to take you to the next one, or just use the direct links below. Please share them far and wide, so that all attendees will know how to prep for The Weekend At The End Of The World ™.




Food, Entertainment, and More



What’s new (coming soon)

And while we’re on the subject of videos, don’t forget these other selections:

Our five minute 2011 highlight reel


Our one minute Mad Max-centric highlight reel.

Also, our official promo ad for WW2012 (animated in 50s fallout style by our friend Morrisminor)

And ALL of these videos and more can be found on our “Spread The Word” page HERE.

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